Why We Love The UA Fire Department!

We love building in Upper Arlington and being part of this amazing community. At Compass Homes, custom home builders, Columbus, Ohio, we take our relationship with the community seriously and we’re excited to be working closely with the UA Fire Department. They’re a fantastic group of people, answering any questions we have and always providing us with good information. We want to share some of the great things the UA Fire Department does for the community and some fire safety tips.

The Upper Arlington Fire Department:

  • Provides fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical treatment, and hazardous materials response for UA.
  • Provides programs to the community on fire prevention, smoke & carbon monoxide detector usages, blood pressure screening, fire inspections, and public speaking requests.
  • Invites you to take a scheduled or walk-in tour of the fire station.
  • Along with the Knox Company, the fire department utilizes a program where residents & businesses can purchase a small lockable vault, containing a key for entry that is installed outside. Only firefighters then have access to get the key out, allowing them entry into the home or business.
  • They provide residential fire inspections and will help you figure out escape routes, placement of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, and identify fire hazards.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, monthly. Plan to change batteries in spring & fall when you change the clocks.
  • Install fire detectors on all levels of your home.
  • Create a fire safety plan and practice it. Plan out exit routes, trying to have 2 ways out of each area. Set up an outside meeting place.
  • Practice stop, drop, & roll in case clothing catches on fire, as well as keeping low to the ground if moving through smoke filled areas.
  • Check doors for heat before opening. If you can’t get out, block areas of the door where smoke can get in with towels or blankets.
  • Keep space heaters 3 feet away from anything that can burn, remembering to turn them off at night or when leaving a room.
  • Candles should be kept away from anything flammable, and blow them out when leaving a room.
  • Don’t teach children to use lighters or matches.

We take pride in our homes & making them as safe as possible. We know that the UA Fire Department is doing their part in keeping everyone in the UA community safe. Contact us to see where we are building and have homes for sale in Upper Arlington.