Why We Love Soft Close Drawers

We love to include design features that offer convenience to your life and add value to your home. One of our favorite elements that make your house a safer and more efficient place to live is soft close drawers.

The design of soft close drawers offers homeowners full access to the open drawer, not just the three quarters of the space you get with most traditional drawer designs. But, there is even more to love about these simple, yet elegant additions to any of your home’s storage areas.

Our Favorite Things About Soft Close Drawers

  • Shhhhh…they are quiet. This feature is especially attractive for homes with an open floor plan.
  • They help prevent accidents such as smashed fingers and spills due to drawers being slammed shut. This helps to keep you and your family safer.
  • They contribute to the longevity of your storage areas. Reduced stress on door hinges and less wear and tear on hinge plates is important in rooms such as the kitchen where drawers are opened countless times each day.

Soft close drawers are immensely popular in kitchens and bathrooms but may be installed in any room of your home. Plus, they illicit “oohs” and “aahs” from neighbors and friends who visit you and your family!

Contact us today to find out how these and other efficient design elements can make a difference in your new custom home. We love to show our customers why Compass Homes are truly built with “more thought per square foot”.

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