What’s Behind the Build? Estimating Intern

At Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders, we love what we do, building homes for our clients! But do you know what goes on “Behind the Build”? Each of our departments play a vital role in getting each home built and we want you to get to know what happens “Behind the Build”! Choosing Compass Homes to build your home is the right choice!

Name: Cody Sarisky

Position/Title: Estimating Intern

What do you do for Compass Homes?
I work with the Chief Estimator, creating detailed estimates for our clients, helping them create the home that they want, as well as giving them prices for upgrades or changes that may interest them. While I’m a full-time student, and only work part time, Compass Homes has my full priority when it comes to my work. I am excited to see where this job will take me!

Why are you the best at what you do?
My attention to detail ensures that our clients will receive the most accurate price for any & all aspects of their home.

As a buyer, why do I care about what you do?
I help to provide the most precise estimate that I possible can, which ensures that you, as a client, will not be surprised with any unexpected costs.

Why is your department important & necessary?
The estimating department is extremely important to the home building process as we provide a detailed report of how much a homeowner can expect to pay, as well as how much any given option or change to their home will either cost or save them. 

What are you doing that gives me more thought and more value?
I make sure to think about every aspect of a home, as if I were to be living in it one day. I take pride in trying to ensure that every detail has been thought of when creating a home.

How does what you do in your position differ than the competition?
I am different from the competition because I am very team oriented (much like everyone at Compass). That doesn’t mean that we at Compass Homes just work well together, it means we work well together and with our customers. After all they are the most important part of our team and we make sure to include them in every aspect of the home building process.

When you build a home with us, we will be with you every step of the way. Choosing Compass Homes as your new home builders in Columbus, Ohio to build your home is the right choice! We deliver “more thought per square foot”, the best value, and people that genuinely care!