What’s Behind the Build? Designer & Client Liaison

At Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders, we love what we do, building homes for our clients! But do you know what goes on “Behind the Build”? Each of the people in our departments play a vital role in getting each home built, and we want you to get to know them and what their department does “Behind the Build”!

Name: Tiffany Pirkl

Position/Title: Designer & Client Liaison

What do you do for Compass Homes?

  • I help guide our clients through the interior & exterior selections process for their new homes.
  • I assist our clients in making selections within their budget while also making their home beautiful & fresh. We have many gorgeous included features to choose from as well as several preferred partners that we work with, so I can always find what our customers are looking for.
  • We use our Charted Course, which is the homeowners’ guide to how the entire process works. It lays out all the appointments that will need to be made & when.
  • We do our best to make the process as seamless as possible – clients love how easy we make it for them.

Why are you the best at what you do?

  • I’m highly organized, and I think this in turn helps our clients feel organized throughout the process.
  • I also absolutely love what I do & love the team that I work with. Everyone truly cares about helping our clients have the best experience, and I think this is reflected in our work.
  • I’m passionate about design and feel very lucky to get to assist people who need guidance with this part of the home building process.

As a buyer, why do I care about what you do?

  • Buyers have a hard time envisioning what everything will look like once it’s all put together. I’m here to help!
  • People come to me with pictures of several different styles or ideas, and I help them organize their thoughts in a manner that has cohesion.
  • I guide buyers towards design that makes sense and creates a great flow throughout their home.

Why is your department important and necessary?

  • I find that the design department is necessary because I help our buyers have a focus when making selections. I’ve spoken with friends who have gone through the design process without any guidance, and they found it to be overwhelming and an incredibly stressful ordeal.
  • I have a set plan for what selections we make, and I find that it moves efficiently & smoothly.
  • I’m not only there for design knowledge, but to guide the customers in the right direction towards the style they desire.

What are you doing that gives me more thought and more value?

  • Our Charted Course is where more thought & value comes in to play. I find it invaluable to customers how much detail & information we give them up front. I’ve been told over & over how wonderful & helpful it is.
  • As our Designer and Client Liaison, I don’t disappear after the selections have been made. I am with our homeowners throughout the entire process. Should they need anything or have a question, they know that they can come to me at any time and I’ll find the answer for them.

How does what you do in your position differ than the competition?

  • We differ from the semi-custom home builder because we have a tremendous offering of products. Many builders have a select offering and that’s it.  I however, have some wonderful resources available to me and can reach out to find anything our customers have their hearts set on.
  • The main difference is the details that go into a Compass Home. I know our specifications and what we include in our homes very well, and I find that this makes for a seamless process for our clients. 

When you build a home with us, we will be with you every step of the way. Choosing Compass Homes as your new home builders in Columbus, Ohio to build your home is the right choice! We deliver “more thought per square foot”, the best value, and people that care!