What Makes a Perfect Homesite?

At Compass Homes, custom home builders in Columbus, Ohio, we have incredible homesites available in many areas like Upper Arlington, Jerome Village, Powell, and Lewis Center, or we can build wherever you want. You can easily find homesites if you’re looking in a neighborhood that’s being developed or one that’s in an already established neighborhood. But how do you know that this is the perfect homesite for you? There are many aspects to take into consideration.

  • What sitework has already been done? A perfect site will already have electricity, natural gas, water & sewer already in place, or you have a builder, like Compass Homes, that knows exactly what it’ll take to seamlessly handle the sitework.
  • You’ll be able to build a truly customized home you’re envisioning on your homesite and work with the existing topography. A patio, hot tub, swimming pool, room for kids to play, or whatever a dream home means to you is possible on this homesite.
  • The home you want to build shouldn’t be too expensive for the community it’s in. You don’t want to be the most expensive home on the street, or you’ll never recoup your investment. Of course, this may not matter to you if you’re going to live there forever & the homesite is perfect. A good builder will have done its due diligence to be sure the home you want to build will fit the neighborhood.
  • The size of the homesite works for you where it’s located. You may desire a corner lot, or want to have neighbors on either side, or possibly you want a lot of land.
  • Trees on the property are in places they don’t have to be removed or at least you can keep as many as possible. Other conditions on the property are good and there aren’t issues that can’t be easily solved.
  • The views & the direction of the sun works how you want it to. If you’re a day sleeper or late riser, you may want your bedroom windows on the west. If you want an uncovered patio, but no direct sun, your patio may need to be on the north or east side of the home. A perfect homesite will allow you to position the home how you want it.
  • You have proximity to amenities that are important to you…sidewalks, close to major roads, bike paths, a community feel, be out in the country, or lot size, to name a few.
  • It’s where you want to be, with the right commute to work & the right amount of traffic & neighbors.
  • It’s in the school district or community where you want to be.
  • You envision yourself living there and in that area in 5 -10 years. What will it look like then? Take the time to find out what’s planned for any nearby undeveloped land. Is a major road planned? A shopping center? While that lot looks amazing now, know what is planned for the area in the future. At Compass Homes, we can help you get that information.
  • Who takes care of maintenance like clearing roads of snow, yard waste pick up, recycling, etc.? Is it you, the HOA, the city, or county? What do you want to be responsible for?

Finding a homesite isn’t really that difficult, but finding the perfect one will take some more time. We are here to help your dreams come true when you want to build a new home in Upper Arlington or in another area. Let’s get the building underway!