What Does the Color of Your Front Door Say About You?

What does the color of your front door say about you? A lot, apparently. If you think about it, we often use color to express ourselves, whether through the choice of clothes, home decor, or the art we are drawn to. It makes sense, then, that the color you choose for your front door says something about you, too.

So as you set about to select a front door color, consider what the color of your door says to those you are welcoming into your home.

The Most Common Front Door Colors

White Door

The most common of all front door colors, white may indicate that you are a bit of a neat freak, or just really into modern designs. White tends to indicate cleanliness and simplicity, but also might make your visitors nervous about making a mess.

Black Door

If you are looking for a stately look for your front door, you may be leaning towards a black door. A traditional color that oftentimes seems formal, black can connote seriousness. But if you pair a modern black door with a colorful exterior, you can add a sense of playfulness to your home. 

Blue Door

Give your visitors a sense of calmness and trust with a blue door. Light blue indicates that you are hopeful and positive, and friends come to you for both advice and a good laugh. Dark blue indicates that you are grounded, peaceful, and dedicated to your principles. 

Yellow Door

Are you a morning person full of optimism? If your neighbors would vote you the cheeriest person on the block, then you might want to consider a yellow front door. 

Green Door

A green front door indicates that you are easy-going and care about your community and your family immensely. You’re responsible and seek security and it is highly possible that your backyard is a gardener’s paradise.

Red Door

The Chinese design philosophy of feng shui considers red front doors lucky if they’re facing south or southwest. But regardless of direction, a red front door gives a sense of vibrance and excitement.

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