Welcoming Your New Neighbors

The sign has changed from “For Sale” to “Sold” for that home in the neighborhood or street where you live. Maybe it’s even one of our brand new Compass Homes, your custom home builders in Columbus, OH. One question we’re asked when building a new home for our clients is, “What are the neighbors like?” You’re the neighbor, so what can you do to welcome them to the area? It may be as important to them as it is to you to get to know each other, watch each other’s homes, and help each other out. Who doesn’t want that? These tips will help you welcome your new neighbors.

Be Prepared:

  • If you can, find out who will be moving in. Are they newlyweds, a family with kids, or empty nesters? Don’t be nosy, but whatever you find out beforehand can help you know how to better welcome them.

Go Say Hi!

  • Wait a day or two to stop by, not while they’re moving in. Unless you can help them unpack the truck, they’re going to be busy.
  • Keep it simple. Say hi, exchange phone numbers if you’re comfortable with it, and tell them you’ll stop by again when they get settled.
  • No time to stop by? Leave a note welcoming them, telling them where you live, and to come see you when they can or if they need anything.

Take a Welcoming Gift/Care Package:

  • Nothing says welcome like a gift or care basket. It doesn’t have to be expensive or huge, just something to let them know you’re excited to meet them.
  • Items to include:
         gift cards to local stores
         indoor or outdoor plant
         toilet paper, cleaning supplies, tissues & other things they might need right away
         a welcome mat
         snacks & drinks to enjoy while unpacking
         local items specific to your community
  • Create a basket filled with restaurant menus, a map of the area, and contact information for police, fire, trash pickup, and any handymen you might use.
  • Fix a meal…even if it’s just pizza. A simple dinner they can heat up whenever they need it might be the best gift you could give.
  • If you take baked goods, include a list of ingredients so your neighbors know what to avoid if they have any food allergies.
  • Check out our Pinterest page for loads of fun gift ideas!

Do They Have Kids?

  • Provide a list that includes info about schools, parks, and sports/dance/art lessons kids can join.
  • Take your kids with you to meet the new kids. They can share bus & school information and fun ideas.
  • Set up a play date or have your children go over and ask the “new” kids to play. What a priceless way to help the new neighbors out and get the kids out of their hair!

Host a Welcoming Party:

  • If you live in a close-knit or growing neighborhood, it’s especially important to help your neighbors meet everyone, and a party might just be the ticket.
  • Set up a welcoming committee in the neighborhood and share the duties so that it doesn’t always fall on you to organize.
  • Your neighborhood might want to plan ongoing parties (block, cocktail, tailgate, or backyard bash) every other month. Keep it simple if you want. What an excellent way to build a community. Kids will get to know each other quickly & you might make a new friend.

Include Everyone That Wants to be Included:

  • Do you have a book club, walking group, playgroup, or weekly get together with the moms in your neighborhood? Reach out & offer! Or maybe now’s the time to start something!

Remember what you felt like when you moved into your home? Were you welcomed, greeted, given a little gift, or did someone come help you get settled? It can be hard to move. How can you be neighborly? We have homesites available in many desirable neighborhoods, filled with amazing people. Contact us to help you build your custom home in Upper Arlington or Jerome Village.