We Have Lots of Spring Ideas To Share With You!

Spring means ideas are everywhere and at Compass Homes, Columbus custom home builders, we’re excited about all of the ideas we’ve found for organizing your garage & outdoor space, as well as ideas for landscaping & DIY projects for outside areas. We love creating great organization features in your new home that make your life a bit easier.

What great ideas do we have posted on our Pinterest boards & Houzz that might help you this spring?

Tips for organizing your garage & outdoor spaces:

  • Set up different areas on your driveway: keep, donate, sell, and sort everything from your garage to one of these areas. This will make it easy to see what you need to get rid of and what can be put back in your garage.
  • Set up different areas in your garage based on categories; sports equipment, hand tools, gardening, outdoor cooking, winter needs, etc. Then you’ll know where to store everything. Use clear bins for storage so that you can see into them.
  • Keep bulky items like lawn mowers, aerators, & fertilizing equipment in corners so they are out of the way. Keep bikes close to the garage door since they’re used frequently.
  • Store seasonal items up high or out of the way.
  • Use shelves, cabinets, hooks, and overhead storage as much as possible to keep items off of the floor.
  • Make a kit that has tools you use often; think hammer, screwdriver, duct tape, and nails, in a place that is easy to get to.
  • In your back yard, have an all weather storage box or outdoor storage benches that can hold the kids’ toys, outdoor cushions, and grilling equipment. This way you will have extra seating available, too!

Hopefully these ideas and tips will make your spring cleaning a breeze. Check out our other ideas on Houzz & Pinterest for inspiration for your home. Be sure to check out our Parade of Homes, Powell, Ohio this fall…you will see many great features that will help keep your home organized!