We Are Thankful!

We can’t help but be thankful this time of year! We’re getting ready to spend time with our families & celebrate. If you’re like us, this is a time for reflection. What are we at Compass Homes, custom home builders Columbus, OH, thankful for this year?

You! Yep, we’re thankful to all of you! Our clients that we’ve worked with so far and those to come, all of you that visited our 2016 BIA Parade Home in Verona, those of you that we meet when we are building in your neighborhoods, the ones that read our blogs, and those that follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We wouldn’t be the great home builders that we are without your interactions with us.

Our Vendors, Suppliers & Employees: We thanked the vendors & suppliers (Thank You for Helping Us Be the Best) that we worked with on our Parade of Homes house. They helped make our home a HUGE success and we couldn’t have done it without them. But we’re also thankful for everyone that works for us on a daily basis. We couldn’t do what we do without all of them!

Our First Responders: We’ve got great relationships with the police & fire departments around the city. They give us great advice & information when we’re tearing down old homes & rebuilding, or when we’ve got any kind of question during a new build. They keep you, our neighborhoods, and all of us safe!

Columbus & the Surrounding Areas! Are you looking for something to do, a new adventure, great food, family fun, or an amazing shopping experience? Columbus has all of this and more. All we need to do is walk out the door & we can find something to do! Columbus is an amazing city!

This Thanksgiving, take a moment and give some thought as to what you’re thankful for. At Compass Homes, new home builders Columbus, OH, we’re incredibly grateful for so many things. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!