Violet Verbena: PPG’s Color of the Year!

Are you searching for a new paint color to use in your home this year? Do you want the shade of paint to complement most other colors & design choices, yet still be unique & innovative? You may want to use Violet Verbena, (PPG1169-5), which was PPG’s 2017 Color of the Year. As a custom home builder, we are excited to use this color in some of our homes!

Violet Verbena is a Versatile Color

Trending now is the bohemian, gypsy, jetsetter lifestyle and Violet Verbena plays to this attitude & lifestyle. The gray & violet hues in this updated shade bring depth, luxury, and pampering to any room. It has been characterized as a “chameleon-like” color because it can adapt to many colors & aesthetics, depending on what it’s paired with. Use it in the laundry room, great room, child’s room, playroom, or bedroom, and the color will invoke calmness, tranquility, elegance, or playfulness. You choose what emotion you want the space to be.

“Violet Verbena is at once as nostalgic as it is modern. It’s substantial in a world that can sometimes seem so temporary, luxurious in a harsh world that needs pampering, and introspective and private in an invasive world,” said Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG. “Purple was unanimously selected as the 2017 Color of the Year by PPG’s global color experts for its distinctive qualities. We are seeing this shade of violet on the runway in fashion, and in textiles for the commercial and residential segments.”

Violet Verbena color sample.

Why We Like PPG and This Color

Violet Verbena might be just the color you’ve been searching for! At Compass Homes, we love the versatility of this color, all of PPG’s colors, and the quality of their paints. Did you visit our 2016 home in Verona at the Parade of Homes, Powell, Ohio? We used PPG paints and shared what we used in our blog, PPG Paint Makes All the Difference. Be sure to visit our Pinterest page for ideas using Violet Verbena.

Photos from PPG