Vendor Spotlight: Monesi Trucking

A home built by Compass Homes isn’t possible without the work of our outstanding building partners. These partners are invaluable to us, and our Vendor Spotlight is our way to share these high-quality businesses with you, and to say “thank you” for their work.

We recently talked with Natalie Monesi Theado from Monesi Trucking. Providing dump truck rental services to construction contractors in Columbus and Central Ohio, Monesi is a family business founded by Don and Marlene, that has grown from one dump truck in 1985 to 60 in 2019. With experienced drivers and more trucks available than other companies, Monesi is able to handle even the largest land development projects. Read on to learn more about Monesi Trucking and some of Natalie’s favorite things about partnering with Compass Homes.

Monesi Trucking infographic.

How long have you worked at Monesi Trucking and what is unique about working for a family company?

My brother, Bryan, has been with the company since 1992, and I joined in 2011, when I was expecting the third of my four children. The fact that this is a family-owned business doesn’t change the fact that we want to be successful, while staying grounded. The benefit, of course, is that I get to see my parents and brother every day. Family is the background of the business and the hands that are in it and make it run make it a desirable place to work. I care, my brother cares, and my parents care! It’s our livelihood.

How do you think the fact that Monesi Trucking is a family company shapes how the company operates?

Well, it’s interesting because a few years ago I would have said that we are a ‘mom and pop’ business, but we have grown beyond that. However, we definitely still treat the employees the same—and when a customer needs to speak to the CEO or the CFO they are on the other line!  I have worked at many corporations, but nothing quite like Monesi Trucking, where Marlene Monesi bakes for the drivers, my father changes tires, and my brother is the mastermind behind the business. Let’s be honest, this is a unique—and rare—place to work.

What do you like most about working with Monesi Trucking?

I love that my father will come in my mom’s office that I share with her and sit down and talk to me! I hear his boots and I know he wants to “shoot the breeze” as my grandpa would say. It is flexible, which is important because my husband is Principal of Upper Arlington High School and works long hours. Working at Monesi gives me the ability to tend to our children, as well as to dedicate some time to my own business, TheadoPartyof6.

In your role with Monesi, how do you work with Compass Homes?

Monesi hauls for Compass Homes during their building process— digouts, excavations, etc. My brother Bryan and I both built homes with Compass Homes, as well.

Why do you enjoy working with Compass Homes?

Compass is a family-owned company as well. It’s different. Mark builds homes, but not to the point where he is unattainable or unapproachable. He is still active in the business and has all hands on deck, just like Monesi.

What qualities should a person look for in a trucking company?

Reliable, trustworthy, and getting the job done right!

What makes Monesi different from other trucking companies?

We care, we pay attention to detail, and we are consistent.

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