Upgrades For Your Home That Are Totally Worth It!

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.

Winston Churchill

At Compass Homes, we are your premier custom home builders, and we’re proud of our homes. They are truly one-of-a-kind, architecturally accurate, and beautifully built. We meet with clients daily to help determine their needs & wants. If you’re planning to build a custom home, what home upgrades should you consider?

Kitchen Upgrades

  • Think function, durability, and use when designing your kitchen.
  • Choose energy-efficient high-end appliances. The quality creates savings as the appliances work more efficiently.
  • Make the microwave accessible to all. Does that mean putting it down low within the island, above the range, or built-in just below eye level within a cabinet?
  • Consider putting in under counter beverage refrigerators. Convenience for everyone to get drinks, keeps everyone out of the way, and out of the kitchen refrigerator.
  • Large pantries with pull out drawers & tons of shelving make organization a dream.
  • Semi-custom & custom cabinets provide options with regards to finishes, materials, heights, and options such as soft-close drawers & doors, drawers sized the depth & width you need them to be, or the ability for shelves to slide out. What are your needs? A pull out dog dish drawer, room for cookie sheets & other baking sheets to be readily accessible, and other items you want access to but don’t want on your countertop are just a few considerations.
  • An island is a true bit of paradise in a kitchen. Seating & storage, as well as ample workspace, are of paramount importance when designing a kitchen. The larger you can make the island to accommodate more people, the more “together” time you’ll have with family and friends – because we all know everyone hangs out in the kitchen.
  • Choosing quartz, granite or any durable, elegant, high-end material for your countertops creates a look & feel of elegance in a kitchen. Your money is well spent doing these types of home upgrades.

Lighting Upgrades

  • You can never have too much lighting and the options are endless. Opt for overhead, recessed, task, and under-cabinet lighting.
  • Think about how the room & spaces will be utilized…where do you need outlets for freestanding lamps?
  • The lighting you choose helps create the atmosphere desired in each room.
  • Task lighting is different for every room, but equally important. Use lighting controlled with dimmers for overhead & freestanding lights.

Flooring Upgrades

  • Wood is still the flooring king and you can’t go wrong choosing it.
  • The variety of & options for tile can create stunning options for flooring in your home.
  • Radiant heat is a great idea for bathrooms – what a difference they make on cold mornings.
  • Don’t use builder grade carpet, especially for high traffic areas. Wool is a fabulous option, and don’t ever use a cheap pad.

Storage Upgrades

  • “I have too much closet space”, said no one ever! Closets add value to a home & give your family the storage you need.
  • Consider organizers, shelving, and drawers to create more storage.

Bathroom Upgrades

  • What to choose for showers & bathtubs? Walk-in, zero entry, soaker tubs, multiple showerheads, or rainhead showerheads? The sky’s the limit, but if you don’t plan now, it’s hard to change it later.
  • Look critically at the shower. Where will your products go? Add in recessed tiled niches or shelving to hold everything. Do you want a seat or a half wall? Are you going to use a shower curtain, doors, or a partial glass wall?
  • Don’t just think about the master bath, but the guest bath & kids’ bath. 

Tech Upgrades

  • Are you a geek and love all things tech? If you’re thinking about whole home speaker systems, data ports, or smart-home technology, design it when you’re planning all other electrical work. Cable outlet or TV mount in the bathroom? You don’t want to do things behind the walls after the home’s finished.
  • Plan for outlets in desk areas, the pantry, and outside. Don’t forget about where you want to plug in party lights & Christmas lights.

Window Upgrades

  • It’s crucial to use high-quality efficient windows. But beyond that think about where you want some not so obviously placed windows. We’ve put windows in the master closet, above showers, skylights, and many times large ones in the basement – including egress ones. Creating ways to have natural light will never be bad home upgrades.

Your Needs

  • How do you use your home? What do you need? An office, morning room, large master bath, bonus room, or a 3rd car garage bay provides room for outdoor toys, bikes, your teenager’s car, and more. Do you want your laundry room upstairs or on 1st floor or both? Do you need a 2nd refrigerator in the pantry?
  • Adding options will suit your family’s needs, making your home work for you.

However, it’s necessary to keep the resale value in mind and don’t over customize. You want your home to reflect your style, needs, and wants, but remember you might have to sell it at some point. Working with a custom home builder that you trust, like us, means that we’ll help you through the whole process, give you design advice, and help you stay within your budget.

We’d love to meet & show you what a custom home could look like for you. We do many things that would be considered home upgrades in other homes as standard in ours. Our “More Thought Per Square Foot” sets us apart from other builders.