Top Things To Do When Moving Into Your New Home

Are you on the hunt for a new home this year? At Compass Homes, Columbus custom home builders, we have amazing homes for sale right now or we can build your personalized home. It doesn’t matter if you buy a newly constructed home or a home you’ve helped design, there are things you’ll want to do when you move into your new home. Moving can be stressful, but these tips will get you organized and ready for the big day!

9 Things to do:

  • Locks: Be sure no one has keys to your home or the garage code. Change the locks if needed, including deadbolts. You don’t know who might have keys. Change the code on the garage door keypad, too.
  • Check the plumbing: Any issues should have been caught by the inspector, but flush toilets and check all faucets, including the sink sprayers, tubs, and showers…even the hose bibbs outside! Be sure everything is working properly.
  • Clean all rooms thoroughly: Clean carpets, floors, base boards, cabinets – inside & out, and walls if needed. Even a new build can have a bit of dust & debris!
  • Filters: Change the aeration filter in kitchen & bathroom faucets, the air filter in the air conditioning & heating units, the vent filter above the range, and check the dryer vent.
  • Final Inspection: When doing the final walk through with the builder, ask questions. How do the various systems work and who do they recommend for service if needed? Look at everything carefully to be sure everything has been completed. Make a list of anything that needs to be corrected.
  • Change: Change your address at the post office. Update your address on magazines, car insurance, health insurance providers, Board of Elections, bank, and on your driver’s license.
  • Prior to moving: Put together a “We Might Need” box with hand tools (hammer, knife, screwdriver, nails), tape, dust cloths, bandages, cleaning supplies, and anything else you might need to put furniture together, hang pictures, repair or spot clean.
  • First Night: Create a “First Night” box with everything you need for the first day & next day – toilet paper, paper towels, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, clothes and food essentials.
  • Know: Know where all of the mains are – electricity, water, gas, and the main circuit breaker. Be sure everything is labeled, to make it easier for anyone to help you.

Buying a home and moving in is a stressful but fun adventure. At Compass Homes, with homes for sale in Upper Arlington, we make the experience as easy & enjoyable as possible. Let us do all the hard work creating your home so you can move in and start living your dream!