Top 5 Home Decor Color Trends for 2015

As your Columbus home builder, we strive to stay on top of color trends and pass that information on to you! Say goodbye to blah beige and hello to some wonderful colors for 2015! Here is what is forecasted according to Design & Construction Week.


It’s got more oomph than mint, but it’s still soft and livable. It’s neutral with personality.
Lucite Green will really pop when offset by complimentary hues of red and orange.


More cheerful than beige, it’s still a great, “safe” color for walls and a great backdrop for living rooms and kitchens. Custard isn’t an aggressive yellow – it’s softer and more toned down, without being too cute.


Toasted Almond is a beautiful beige hue with a subtle pink tint. It’s warm, soft, feminine, and cozy. If you’re over the cold industrial greys that have been popular in recent years, Toasted Almond is a chic way to update your neutrals and bring a little warmth.


Want a little more pink? Slightly chalky and very on-trend, Strawberry Ice is a soft pastel pink that’s definitely not baby-ish. Paired with gold pillows and bold black and white accents, Strawberry Ice looks crisp and refreshing. Introduce warm cocoa tones for a cozier feel. 


Of course, we can’t forget the red-brown hue Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year. While once considered dowdy and dated, brown is beginning to be perceived as more luxurious thanks to indulgences like coffee, chocolate, toffee, and leather goods. It’s the concept of brown that makes Marsala an appealing color in home decor – It’s warm and delicious, rich and robust.
Marsala looks updated when paired with white and light woods.

There are so many wonderful colors to explore; those are just some of the TOP color trends for 2015. As your Columbus custom home builders, we want you to love the home you are in, and creating your perfect palette in your perfect home will definitely get you started!