The Laundry Room – More Than You Thought

A laundry room doesn’t need to be stuck in a corner of the basement where no one wants to go. The laundry room has evolved into a room with its own personality, uses, and features. If you’re building a home, don’t make your laundry room an afterthought…but do some planning & thinking to make it come to life and be a room you’ll want to show off!  At Compass Homes, your custom home builder, we’re experts when it comes to the function, form, and design of laundry rooms.

A well-designed laundry room.

Laundry Room Thoughts and Considerations


Install a sink that’s large enough for hand washing clothes, pets, and bulky items. It might be a great place for little ones to wash hands after completing art projects, big hands to wash up in after yard work, and anything else you don’t want in your kitchen sink.


Plenty of shelving is a must in a custom laundry room. Install floating shelves & cabinets with varying shelf heights. Figure out what items you want to be able to display & access without being stored in a cabinet. Do you need an open shelf above the washer or above a desk area? Put in shelving at your kids’ height to give them access to toys, art supplies and more.


No laundry room is worth it if there isn’t adequate storage. Put in cabinets with doors, making sure some are high & have locks for hazardous supplies. Fill the space with open shelving, baskets, and hooks for hanging wet items & cleaning supplies. Create an area with multiple baskets for everyone’s dirty clothes & for sorting clothes. Store your kids art supplies, toys, and more in open cabinets & baskets.

Work Area

Not only is storage important, but so is having room to fold, iron, and dry your clothes. A built-in drying rack that folds out & down or pulls out from a drawer provides drying room for delicates. An ironing board that drops down from a wall or cabinet or one that slides out means you don’t have to set up or work around a freestanding ironing board. Be sure to add outlets where needed. Don’t forget countertops for folding clothes. Think about the height of the countertops. Do they need to be higher or lower than a standard size for your comfort? A retractable clothesline might be another solution for air drying clothing.


Create visual interest! This is the room that’s perfect for detailed, colorful tiles, interesting patterns & textures, color, and whimsy. We’ve designed laundry rooms with stunning tile designs, fun wallpaper & striking paint colors. Choose functional flooring (like tile) that can withstand water spills.


A window is perfect for providing loads of natural light, but think beyond that. Install recessed & task lighting, as well as under-cabinet lighting.

Beyond Just Laundry

Make it multi-purpose with a craft area, desk, sports storage, and/or a play area for small children. Do you watch TV? Add one so that folding laundry becomes easier to do if you’re watching HGTV or the Food Network. Maybe another family member will fold clothes if they can watch TV? Install multiple outlets for charging a phone, working on a computer or tablet, or plugging in the iron. Keep the dog bed, crate or kitty litter box in the laundry room. How about a built-in dog shower? (We’ve done that!)

Laundry Room Placement

Where do you want the laundry room? Gone are the days of the washer & dryer being in the basement. The possibilities are endless – on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, both floors, in the mudroom, near a closet or dressing area, or by the kids’ rooms. Consider the noise if it’s on a 2nd floor or near the bedroom and install fitted vibration pads under the washer & dryer to lessen the noise.

Making this room one you want to go in might make it much easier to do laundry! OK we know that might be a stretch, but having one that’s gorgeous & functional is a great start. Build your boutique custom home in Upper Arlington, Jerome Village, or on your lot, and we’ll work with you to create an amazing laundry room.

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