The Benefits of an EfficiencyCrafted Home

At Compass Homes, we build homes with More Thought Per Square Foot so that you can worry less and enjoy your dream home for years to come. Our homes are well thought out and efficient, and full of warmth, grace, charm and character. We do not believe in inefficient spaces that are difficult to heat and cool; instead, we build smarter homes that will make your investment one that will endure.

One of the ways that we do this is through the EfficiencyCrafted Homes Program. A program of Columbia Gas of Ohio, EfficiencyCrafted Homes supports energy-efficient construction practices in the new home market.

The Key Features of an EfficiencyCrafted Home

  • Complete thermal enclosure system;
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling system;
  • ENERGY STAR compliant whole house ventilation; and
  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

As a result of these features, EfficiencyCrafted Homes are 10% to 20% more efficient than a code-built home in Ohio. Beyond energy savings on utility bills, an EfficiencyCrafted Home provides the homebuyer long-term protection of what is likely their largest single investment, as well as a more comfortable place to call home.

The Benefits for Homeowners

  • A high-efficiency and performing home
  • Increased buying power as a result of energy savings
  • Peace of mind from knowing the home was built using best building practice that results in durability, increased comfort, and reduced utility and maintenance costs
  • Enduring quality and protection of your largest investment
  • Wall-to-wall comfort from a constant supply of fresh, filtered air and consistent temperatures in every room
  • Proven value versus the average home due to the greater energy efficiency and performance

We exist to help guide you to a home with more thought and quality per square foot, for the best value possible. Contact us to learn how we can help you build your forever home that reflects your personality, while encompassing all of the benefits of  an EfficiencyCrafted Home.

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