The Anti-Thanks…or Thanks A Lot!

It’s November, and as your Columbus custom home builders, we feel it is important to go over what we call the “anti-thanks” or the “thanks a lot” involved in building a custom home! When it comes to custom home building, some people have some reservations about a few things, such as:

Why does it take so LONG to build our home?  

The process of homebuilding is never taken lightly; a lot of amazing craftsmanship and customizations come together to give you your dream home.  Each one of our homes has “more thought per square foot” and this will benefit your family for years to come.  All the details that go into your Compass Home make the home special to your family in particular. When you purchase a Compass Home, you are purchasing a home customized for your family!

Why should we care about the design of our home?

When building a custom home, your input is very important to the design process! Who else knows your wants and needs better than you? We like each homeowner to work with our design team and come up with a design that is specific to their needs!

There are too many choices, I can’t decide!

We know choices can be overwhelming sometimes, but they can also be EMPOWERING! You have the power of choice in your home when you select a custom home builder like Compass.  Your input is respected and crucial every step of the way…we want to ensure the home fits your needs for the present and the future, let us help you with all the amazing choices you can make when building your own home!

As your Columbus home builders, we know you will be thankful building a custom home with us.