Grown Up Sports Decor

For many, sports are a part of who you are, and as such your home should reflect that. But we’re also adults with adult tastes, so a giant wall decal of your favorite player isn’t the best way to introduce your love of sports into your home decor. 

So, for those adult sports fans who want to show a love of football, baseball, basketball, soccer, or hockey, while still maintaining a home style that’s true to our tastes, we have a few grown up sports decor ideas.

Incorporate Memorabilia

You can display your love for your favorite team, but in a more sophisticated and meaningful way with a piece of memorabilia. You can either choose to have a space dedicated to your memorabilia or mix it in with other decor pieces. Trust us, this is better than adding a giant wall decal of the team logo to your living room wall.

Clothing and jerseys used as sports decor.

Decorate with Clothing

This may sound like we are advocating leaving your dirty laundry strewn about but rest assured that we are not! A purposefully placed team hat on your desk or hung on a coat hook is a simple way to show your loyalty. Take it a step further by framing your favorite team jersey to create classic wall art.

Frame used in sports decor.

Frame Your Sports Memories

Frame photos & prints from historic sporting events or decorate your home with photos of your family & friends sporting their favorite teams’ gear or celebrating that big win.

Go Vintage

Vintage decor of your favorite team or sport makes your decorating seem a little more grown up, while still incorporating your passion into your home.

Display Your Collection

If you already have an existing sports-themed collection on hand, there are lots of chic, fun ways to display your items. Choose an area of a room to create the display and use built-in cabinets, bookcases, or floating shelves to show off your collection.

Use Team Colors

A more subtle approach to honoring your favorite team might be to simply make use of the team’s colors in a particular spot in your home. Obviously, this makes sense in your man cave or basement recreation room, but also considering painting your home office or den in your teams’ colors as an homage to your love of their tradition. 

Decorate with Quotes

Have a favorite player or coach? You can search for inspiring or motivating quotes attributed to them and create your own wall art. Create a simple design on your computer to print out and frame.

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