Security Products We Love!

Compass Homes, Columbus custom home builders, is always on the lookout for home security products that can make your life safer. Two products that we love to use in homes we build, provide you with ease of mind for your safety & your pet’s safety.

Solo Automatic Electronic Pet Doors

Solo has been in operation here in the USA for over 23 years. They provide a quality, safe pet door.

This door works with a sensor that is attached to a dog or cat’s collar. This sensor allows the vertical sliding motorized door to be opened when the animal approaches it. The sensor comes in different sizes, so choose the size that’s appropriate for your pet.

Having the sensor that only your dog or cat uses prevents any outside animal or intruder from entering the home. But your dog can go in & out whenever it needs, day or night, which makes for a happier, healthy pet.

The doors can also be kept in a locked position, adding to your safety. The pet door can be used on a wall, a door, a sliding glass door, a kennel, or an interior room door to separate a litter box, eliminating any smells. Check out their website for more information. You will see why we love these doors & recommend them to our home buyers.


Ring is a great home security product. We love the security & feeling of safety that it provides our clients.

It’s a video doorbell that allows you to answer your door by speaking to whomever is at the door from anywhere you are, using your smartphone.

It has a camera with night vision, which gives you a view of your front door, both morning & night. Motion sensors alert you if there’s someone on your property that didn’t ring the doorbell. If you are home alone or out & about, you can speak to & see whoever is at your door. You can even record footage to watch later. Click on their website for more information.

We love great products like these. Compass Homes, Jerome Village homes for sale, always has your best interests at heart, & we will always do our very best to provide you with quality products, construction, & customer service.

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