School Spring Break Dates and Fun Ideas!

Spring Break is fast approaching and at Compass Homes, home builder Columbus, Ohio, we are looking forward to the break with our own families. Have you made plans to go somewhere new or an old favorite? Are you staying at home for a “staycation”? Do you have to work while your kids enjoy the week off? Whatever you are doing, be sure to create some family memories & have fun. Below is a list of the school districts in the area and their spring break dates. Check your district’s website for more information.

Dublin – March 21 – 25

Olentangy – March 28 – April 1

Upper Arlington – March 21 – 25

Hilliard – March 18 – 24

Worthington – March 21 – 25

Columbus – March 25 – April 1

Westerville – March 25 – April 1

Ideas for Spring Break if You Are Staying Home:

  • Pretend you are at the beach in your home or backyard. Lay out the beach towels, make beach snacks, and play with some sand.
  • Go on a picnic in one of our parks. If it is really nice, wade in a river and see what you can find.
  • Start an indoor garden that can be moved outside after the last frost. Plant vegetables & herbs.
  • Be creative and try some new art ideas. Make mosaics out of old magazines. Just cut up pieces from the magazines in creative shapes. Sketch a design on paper and use the pieces to fill it in.
  • Find some fun recipes and have a baking day.
  • Set up a treasure hunt in the house. Hide something and then post clues around the house for them to find. Or make a treasure map for your kids to use to find the treasure!

Have a great Spring break from Compass Homes, custom home builders, Columbus, Ohio. Create memories, relax, and savor some family time.