Retro Trends Are Returning in 2020

New and novel decor trends are oftentimes reinventions of something embraced by our parents, or even farther back in the family history. Because trends in home design and decor tend to stick around longer than the latest fashion trends, the shifts are not as noticeable and don’t happen as quickly. But that doesn’t mean they are not happening.

Mid-century design and decor has been growing in popularity for the past decade (at least) and is showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. That doesn’t mean, however, that some in the design world are not ready to move on.

Here are some retro home trends returning in 2020:

Expanding Color Palette

While white & neutral colors have dominated the palettes of homeowners for a while now, it seems designers are ready to add color to our living spaces. Particularly popular are the 1970’s-inspired shades like tans & browns, avocado, oranges, and mustard yellow. While we can learn from our mistakes of the past to not overdo the use of these colors, the earthy tones can complement the neutral shades throughout your home.

Woven Materials

With an overall boho aesthetic gaining popularity, it is not surprising that woven furniture like rattan, wicker, and bamboo are also becoming more popular. These casual-feeling materials are being found in more traditional places, like headboards, end tables, chairs, and storage chests, lending themselves to a coastal-casual charm.

Silver Accents

Brass has been the popular choice for fixtures, accents, and hardware, but homeowners are beginning to move beyond the shiny gold to the shiny silver of chrome.

Funky Furniture

Opposite of the clean, modern lines found in abundance, the art deco vibe emphasizes ornamentation, geometric patterns, symmetry, and old-school glamour. Think Great Gatsby, with velvet accent chairs and chaise lounges aside wood pieces adorned with elaborate patterns.

Funky office furniture as an example of retro home trends.

Eclectic Appliances

Walk in many kitchens and the appliances have been upgraded to stainless steel. And while this look will never go out of style, homeowners are finding they miss the retro appliances of their childhood. Colorful appliances and those that replicate antiques, such as an antique wood-burning oven, can add charm and playfulness or elegance depending on your style and approach.


Bouclé is a must-have heading into 2020. With looped yarns in a variety of subtle shades in bouclé offers a textured look that prevents your room from feeling flat. Also look for stitching detail and decorative finishes on sofas, footstools and cushions, that add a sense of warmth & comfort.

A living area full of textures as an example of retro home design trends.

Intimate Spaces

While great rooms and open-concept living spaces are essential for family time and gathering with friends, small intimate spaces can add cozy nooks to your home. Thoughtful placement of furniture and “zoning”—placing two sofas or chairs close together—can help create natural gathering places that welcome conversation.

Pick a few of your favorite retro home trends and incorporate them into your home’s design. Even small details can add a refreshed look and feel to your home. Follow our blog for more tips on designing a home that fits your personality and lifestyle.