Ready for the 2018 Home Design Trends?


We may go out of our way to avoid trends, we may love to change things up every year, or we may fall somewhere in between. Maybe we just want an accent piece or we want to change the look & feel of the whole room. Our personal tastes always play into it, so isn’t it cool when the stars align and what we love is “trendy” and it looks like we know what we’re doing?

We work with clients every day as your Columbus, OH custom home builders, helping them make design decisions. It’s imperative we stay current with what’s trending, what’s timeless, and what you might love. So what are some design elements trending for 2018 and which ones would you think about incorporating into your home?

Paint Colors

Color is back in a big, bold, powerful way! Don’t worry, grays & whites continue to trend, but color is in! Some of the current Colors of the Year for 2018 are ones we love and would definitely steer our clients towards.

  • Benjamin Moore – Caliente: A vivid red
  • PPG – Black Flame: A blend of black & navy
  • Sherwin Williams – Oceanside: A mysterious green-blue
  • Glidden – Deep Onyx: A true black
  • Olympic – Black Magic: The blackest black
  • Behr – In the Moment: A muted blue-green

Colors & jewel tones are making a big splash. We’re also seeing tone-on-tone, whether it’s done in bright colors or muted colors.

Walls in dining rooms, kitchens, doors, back panels of bookcases, or on an accent wall are some ways to inspire your designer’s eye when using black, several of the current paint companies color of the year. (You know we love black.)


We’re talking about artisan-made furniture & decor, as opposed to buying furniture at a big home store. Whether it’s furniture or décor, go for fine craftsmanship. Furniture that has a handmade feel & look to it sets your home apart. Individuality is the key for the year.

Along those lines, we’re seeing artisan furniture with raised geometric patterns or coverings made with bold geometric prints. It’s fun, edgy, and unique!

Texture and Pattern

Mix & match is the mantra for 2018. Think bright & bold patterns, geometrics, florals, stripes, and more.

Look for brushed metals, copper accents (earthy vibe, natural look), and matte black finishes on faucets and hardware for the kitchen & bath.

Mirrors, furniture, and accessories in brass are everywhere. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Mix colors & textures of various metals for even more appeal.

Choose bold colors (remember those paint colors) for your furniture, especially couches, chairs, and ottomans. Rugs & lampshades can take center stage with a pop of color.

Floor design isn’t plain with the rise of patterned tiles or tiles inlaid to look like rugs. You can’t get on Pinterest, Houzz, your favorite home blogger, or IG without seeing stunning, patterned, textured floor tiles. In the same vein, we’re seeing hardwoods & engineered hardwoods laid in interesting, stunning, and unique patterns.

Velvet is hot in fashion and spilling over into the home in curtains & furniture. Get your crush on and find something you can incorporate into a room.

Floral prints (don’t think grandma prints) with oversized blooms, contrasting colors, and bold styles are visible in wallpaper, accessories, and more.

Any type of embellishments, fringe, raw edges, and loads of textural detail to catch the eye and make them irresistible to touch may find a place in your home.


White still reigns supreme with cabinets, paint, and tiles, but look for more color to personalize the space, especially warm grays & blues. If you want to stay on the neutral side, add color in your décor & appliances.

2-tone cabinets with warm wood tones for the uppers or lowers are sophisticated & classy. These warm colors can make the room feel cozy, yet dramatic.

Granite, stone, copper, and concrete sinks are making themselves known. Trough sinks (bucket sinks), which are wider & deeper, are perfect if you want a farmhouse-style look. You might try these sinks in laundry rooms or kids’ bathrooms, as opposed to a kitchen.

Subway tiles continue to be an enduring choice for walls, but maybe you’re excited about the new tile trends. Tiles that resemble concrete, wood, fabric, resin, cracked tile, or wallpaper could be just the detail you need in your kitchen or bathroom. How about a geometric pattern for a bold statement for a backsplash, behind the range hood, or in the shower?

Whatever you choose, remember that your house is your sanctuary! Some of these trends will appeal to you and get you excited to make some changes. You might even be inspired to build a new home, and here at Compass Homes, your custom home builder, we’re ready to work with you. Here’s to making 2018 your year!