Pick the Perfect Partner – Make Your Custom Home Building Experience Positive!

Building a home is a huge & important investment, and you want to find the builder that’s the right fit for you. A truly reputable builder will work with you, answer your questions, and keep you informed throughout the process. At Compass Homes, your custom home builder in Columbus, OH, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and our ability to build you a custom home. If you’re thinking of building a brand new custom home, it’s critical to shop for a builder as carefully as you would shop for an existing home. What do you need to do to find the perfect building partner?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right builder for your custom home!

The Possibilities Don’t Have to Overwhelm You

  • Contact your local homebuilder’s association, the BIA, and the BBB to get a list of reputable builders. Remember that you don’t have to only look at a really large company. The right builder will focus on building you your home!
  • Use the Internet to your advantage and browse the builders’ websites. How are their reviews? What do their floorplans look like? Are they a custom builder? What sets them apart from the competition? Narrow your search.
  • You know what style of home you want and have a price range in mind, so now make a list of builders that build the type of home you’re interested in where you want to build.
  • Talk to your friends & their friends regarding your research to see what information they can add. Ask them for recommendations. If they know people living in homes built by builders you’re considering, see if you can meet with these people. After all, they’re living in the homes and can help you understand what it was like to work with them, how the home has met their expectations, and what they would’ve changed (if anything) about the experience.
  • A Realtor might be a good resource for information about various builders. They could provide valuable insights.

Time to Ask Questions

  • Create a list of questions to ask the builders about their business when you conduct your interviews. Some possible questions are:
    • How many homes do you build each year?
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Have you ever filed bankruptcy – both personal & with a business?
    • How do you compare yourself to other builders?
    • How are your homes better than the competition?
    • Can I make changes to existing floorplans?
    • What features are standard in your homes? What upgrades & options are available?
    • During construction, can I make changes or add upgrades?
    • Can I access the home during the build?
    • How long will the building process take?
    • Do you provide references from your homeowners?
    • What warranties do you offer? What’s covered and for how long?
    • Who are your subcontractors and how long have you worked with them?
  • Drive by builders’ homes that are in process or recently finished. Walk their jobsites. Are they clean? Do they appeal to you? Do you envision yourself in that home or one similar? Neighborhood? If the homeowners are outside, maybe stop & ask them about their building experience.
  • Keep a running list of answers & thoughts you might have as you speak with builders so you can compare the information later. You’ll have time then to process and make an informed decision.
  • It’s important as the homebuyer that you’ve done your homework and are prepared to answer questions from the builder. What’s your budget? Your design? Have you spoken with a lender or do you have your financing all ready to go?

Narrow it Down

  • Head out to open houses, design centers, and model homes for the builders you’re considering. Have a critical eye with regards to workmanship, quality of finishings, and the builder’s pride in the home. Ask questions while you’re in the home.
  • Be specific and explain your wants & needs thoroughly with the builders you’re considering. Understand what’ll be included in the contract and how unexpected events will be dealt with. The more organized, specific, and realistic you are will help your builder meets your needs.
  • Trust your gut – do you feel like you can openly communicate with the builder? Are your questions being answered completely and to your satisfaction? Can they build what you want? Then you’ve found your builder!

We pride ourselves on being your partner in the build process and would love to sit down with you to begin this partnership. We offer you our more thought per square foot promise! We build in communities all over central Ohio, including Jerome Village. Let’s get your custom home built!

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