Pet-Friendly Amenities To Make Your Furry Friends Feel Right At Home

Features in Pet-Friendly Homes

Custom Washing Stations

Oftentimes incorporated into a laundry room or mud room, imagine a space complete with a pet shower or wash station. While a sink can accommodate small to medium-sized pets, larger dogs may require a pet shower or stall. Or, install a hot & cold faucet outside. Include custom-designed storage for your pet’s toys & grooming supplies, as well as hooks for the collars & leashes.

A custom pet washing station that appears in pet-friendly homes.

Built-in Litter Box

Consider installing an area in cabinetry or building a space into a wall for the litter box to keep it convenient for your cat and out of the way for you. If you prefer to use a Cat Genie, be sure to include a hook-up to cold water, floor drain, and electrical outlet in the space you plan to use it, typically found in the laundry room.

Pet Rooms

When choosing a layout for your home, any room can be designed with your pet in mind. Pet suites provide ample space for your pet to roam and be free without adding additional clutter or mess to the rest of your house. “Catios,” or enclosed porches, can allow your pet to experience the outdoors while keeping them safe. Provide plenty of opportunities for your pet to view the beautiful outdoor surroundings of your home with ample windows or add a scratching post for your cat to alleviate scratch marks on furniture & walls.

Feeding Areas

As a member of your family, you may want to include your pet’s feeding area in the kitchen with the rest of the family. You can include it in a sliding drawer that can be pushed in after feeding or in an open cabinet space where they can remain permanently. A popular spot is at the end of a kitchen island and be sure to include special space for food storage.

Custom Doors

Installed throughout your home, custom doors can allow you to keep your pet sectioned off to certain areas of your home, when needed. You can also install pet-safe doors to allow for easy and convenient access to the outdoors for your dog, or a cat door to the laundry room or wherever the litter box is located.

Pet-Safe Flooring and Walls

Ensure your pet’s security and safety by choosing non-toxic flooring and wall coverings throughout your home. Flooring should be durable, with hard floors like ceramic tile or oak and mahogany being easiest to clean and able to mask pet hair and tracks. Choose a distressed or matte finish on your hardwood floors and prepare yourself that they may get scratched and worn a bit from your pet.

Designing a custom home allows you to consider what makes your pet happy, and to include pet-friendly amenities to enhance their comfort. At Compass Homes, our design team can help to create pet-friendly homes that ensure the comfort and well-being of all of your family members—even your beloved pets. Contact our sales associates to get started designing your dream home today.