Our Best Practices Mean A Better Home For You!


At Compass Homes, custom home builders, Columbus, Ohio, we take pride in our ability to build our clients the best quality home possible. It’s our intent to make clients feel as if the home we’re building for them is just as important as a home we’d build for ourselves. We care for our clients, we want the home to last, and as a builder we research better products and implement what makes sense. Some of the “more thought per square foot” things we do are not visible to the homeowner: they’re behind the walls. So what makes this possible? What are we doing that’s different from other builders? What sets us apart?

Spray Foam: One of the most most vulnerable areas in a home is the band board, which is the perimeter floor joist that sits on top of the sill in a wood floor framing system. We always spray foam all of the band board to keep it airtight & water free. We use spray foam at all vulnerable areas of the home, anywhere air can get in or out, and where water could get in.

Poured Basement Walls: We only pour our basement walls, as this provides the best strength & longevity for a home. But beyond this, we only use Delta MS, which is a highly effective water proofing system. It utilizes a dimpled board, which creates an air-gap that keeps any water from getting past the foundation wall. This will keep your basement dry. Water is the enemy, and we do all we can do to keep your home dry.

Basement Windows: Do you think about the importance of your basement windows? We do. We only use Bowman Kemp Basement Window Systems, because it’s a cost-effective, yet ideal window to use in our basements. This window fits in a concrete form kit that prevents leaks and stays sealed. It allows a lot of light into the basement, and has an egress ladder built in to allow a safe way to escape the basement in case of an emergency.

More Thought Per Square Foot Details: Even though some of these features may seem like small things, we don’t think so!

  • Cable plate outlets: Most builders use 2 plates next to each other, one for the electric outlet and one for the cable. We use special outlet boxes that combine the 2 items. It looks cleaner, is lined up, and takes up less wall space.
  • Dryer Vents: We recess our dryer vent into the wall so that the dryer can sit flush against the wall and even with washing machine.
  • A niche for the refrigerator: We always build a recessed niche for the refrigerator so that even though you may not choose a built-in unit, it looks like one. This gives you an expensive look with little or no cost.
  • Coverings: We cover everything that comes into the house with special blocks with channels in order to provide another barrier level against water and air. An example is a black boot that we use to cover the air conditioner lines that come into the house. This boot keeps water out.  Any lines or vents coming in or out of your home create a place for water to get in, and we seal all of them up.

We’re extremely proud of the homes we build and the relationships we develop with our clients. We’d love to sit with you, plan all aspects of your home, show you everything we do to stand above the rest, and build your dream home. Contact us at 614.895.1800 to get started! Make sure to visit our home in the BIA Parade of Homes, Powell, Ohio this fall or our model home in Jerome Village to see our best practices in action!