No Keys, No Problem!

We love the products we use in our homes and our doors are no exception. Our go-tos are the Schlage products for our exterior & interior doors and Solo Automatic Electronic Pet Doors for our pet doors. But why do we use these in our Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders? Because they are simply the best.

Schlage Products

Schlage has been in business since 1920, and they pride themselves on being meticulous in their design, just like us! We love how Schlage marries style & technology seamlessly. Their Keyless entry products are top of the line and we always find just the right style to match each home we build.

In this day and age, more of our clients want keyless entry systems. What makes Schlage Keyless locks so amazing?

  • The proof is in the details! These are stylish well-designed products.
  • They offer three types of locks, the SchlageSense™, the SchlageConnect™, and the SchlageTouch™, giving our clients options!
  • These locks install in just minutes.
  • They all have illuminated touchscreens & access code memory.
  • The Sense & Connect are programmable with a Smartphone and have built-in alarm sensors.
  • The Sense allows you to enter your home with your iPhone, using an Apple HomeKit™, making your door truly smart.
  • Their door security is superior, convenient, and secure.

Check out their website for more information about keyless entry systems and all of their other amazing products.

Solo Automatic Electronic Pet Doors

At Compass Homes, we love animals, so keeping our clients’ pets safe is important to us. We love Solo Automatic Electronic Pet Doors for many reasons. Solo has been in operation here in the USA for over 23 years. They provide a quality, safe pet door.

  • This door works with a sensor that is attached to a dog or cat’s collar.
  • This sensor allows the vertical sliding motorized door to be opened when the animal approaches it.
  • The sensor comes in different sizes, so select the size that’s appropriate for your pet.
  • Having the sensor that only your dog or cat uses, prevents any outside animal or intruder from entering the home. But your dog can go in & out whenever it needs, day or night, which makes for a happier, healthy pet.
  • The doors can also be kept in a locked position, adding to your safety. The pet door can be used on a wall, a door, a sliding glass door, a kennel, or an interior room door to separate a litter box, eliminating any smells.

Check out their website for more information. You will see why we love these doors & recommend them to our home buyers.

We believe that our homes provide you with more thought and the best quality per square foot for the best possible value. These products help us fulfill our promises to you. Come see our Upper Arlington homes for sale, or visit our Design Studio so we can show you these products in action.