Nine Bonus Room Ideas to Turn Your Extra Space into the Favorite Room in Your House

Extra space in your home is a commodity – especially right now. Be sure you don’t waste this space, but rather make the most of it by transforming it into a place that fits your needs & lifestyle. 

Need help deciding what to do with that bonus room? We have some great bonus room ideas.

TV/Theater Room

Whether bingeing on Netflix or settling in for family movie night, a theater room may be the perfect use for your Bonus Room. Smart technology has made it possible to have a movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home.

Comfortable seating is essential, whether it’s a comfortable couch that reclines or authentic theater seating. Add a few movie posters or framed prints but keep the decor to a minimum so you don’t detract from the main attraction – the TV! Home acoustics can get tricky, so you may want to hire a professional to help with your surround sound system and to pick out a television that meets your needs. 

A bonus room idea that transforms space into a theater room.


If you have little ones at home, you may want to create a playroom out of your Bonus Room. Look at it this way, if all those toys, trucks, dolls, and puzzles have a room (with plenty of built-in storage) of their own, maybe they won’t be all over the rest of your home! 

Be sure to plan the playroom to grow along with your kids, that will evolve with their ages, interests, and needs. Younger kids may enjoy a stage to perform on while older kids will want space to hang out with friends, listen to music, and play video games. And no matter the age, create a reading nook with a comfy bean bag chair and some fun lighting!

Bonus room inspiration: cozy reading nook.

Adult Gameroom

We know by now that kids aren’t the only ones who like their “toys” … so playrooms don’t have to just be for the kids. Create a game room for all ages with gaming tables, poker table, or vintage arcade games. 

If you’re featuring a pool table, air hockey, or similar game table, be sure the room’s footprint is large enough to provide the necessary space. In addition to the size of the table, you will need up to five feet of space around the table in order to play.  Don’t forget the pendant or recessed lighting above the gaming table and include comfy furniture for your friends to lounge in while they are waiting their turn to play.

A bonus room idea that creates an adult game room.


You can either add a bar area to your game room or create one in a space all its own. In addition to the bar area – don’t forget the bar stools! – you might also will want to include a small kitchenette area so you can prepare light snacks for your guests. 

Create an authentic bar atmosphere by including a wine rack – or even a wine cellar – and plenty of space for your spirits collection, along with an area to display glassware. 

A home bar area.


Maybe you just want a little extra room to lounge in your home. Your Bonus Room can easily be transformed into a relaxing getaway with some furniture & decor. Add overstuffed furniture, pillows and rugs, and some unique lighting. 

Decorate your space with family photos & mementos of your travels or favorite activities to bump up the coziness of the space. And don’t forget a comfy blanket for snuggling!

A home lounge area.

Multi-Gen Living

If you’re embracing the trend of multi-generational living, it goes without saying what your Bonus Room should be used for – an additional bedroom/living space for your family members. 

Remember that everyone needs a little room of their own, especially when blending families under one roof. Be sure to include space for relaxing & lounging, in addition to a bed, so the room feels comfortable enough to relax in private. Also, include enough closet space so it doesn’t feel cramped. 

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An additional bedroom for multi-generational living.

Home Office

If you don’t typically work from home you may be scrambling to find a quiet place that you can do so productively in the new era of working remotely. Your Bonus Room is the perfect space to transform into your home headquarters. 

Your home workspace should be comfortable and well organized, it should also include a little of your personal style. Decorate your desk with family photos, decorative organization & storage solutions, and greenery to freshen the air. And don’t forget to add little pops of color to liven it up, as well.

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A home workspace.

Workout Room

While you might not need a full home gym to keep you motivated to stay fit, a room dedicated to working out and your physical health may be a nice fit. Whether you add a treadmill or Peloton bike, or just a Pilates mat and some hand weights, a workout room can make exercise so easy that you have no reason to skip! 

While a home gym with a beautiful view can be nice, you can turn any space into a fresh and airy workout zone. Recessed LED lighting, white walls with a splash of color, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors keep things feeling bright. Interlocking foam mats both add a design element and protect the floors.

A workout room.


Many people are realizing the joy and convenience of establishing a home practice of yoga and meditation, and want to create a space that feels appropriate and sacred for their practice. You will want to start with a clean & clutter-free room to help create a sense of calm and reduce distractions, and be sure it’s warm enough so that you’re comfortable enough in light clothing. 

As for decor, you will want to give it your own style, but lighting is important to setting the mood. The lighting should be able to be dimmed, creating a relaxing atmosphere, and remember that your sense of smell is powerful, too. Candles are perfect to provide soft lighting & relaxing scents.

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