Make the Most of Your Mudroom!

We love mudrooms and the space that comes with them. Typically when we think of mudrooms, we know to use it as a place to get rid of shoes and outerwear, but it can be so much more. At Compass Homes, Columbus custom home builders, we build mudrooms in most of our homes.

We love to have discussions with our clients about the mudroom and what the envisioned use will be for it. How can you make the most of your mudroom? (These mudroom ideas might inspire you to change yours.)

The Mudroom Vision:

The first thing to do is to stop & think about how you want the mudroom to be used. Once you answer all of these questions, then you’ll be able to implement the ideas.

  • What needs to be stored there?
  • Who, besides your family, will see it?
  • Do you need to use it for pets?
  • Do you need a place for car keys, reusable grocery bags, mail, phones, and tablets?
  • What do you want the storage areas to look like? Open shelves, cabinets, baskets, and/or wall hooks/pegs are just some of your options.
Mudroom ideas.

Choosing Between Mudroom Options:

There are so many options available to you to personalize your mudroom. It’s really a matter of personal preference. We’ve seen loads of mudrooms and have helped our clients create their own visions. What are some options you can choose from? Remember to make it easy to clean, since it’s the last line for dirt before coming into the home. Use tiles or engineered hardwood for easy cleaning.

  • If you need easily accessible areas for coats & bookbags, wall hooks or pegs are great solutions. They can be hung at different heights for all family members.
  • Overhead open shelving units with compartments can hold seasonal items when not needed; think hats, gloves, sports equipment, and dog toys & leashes.
  • Floor level storage compartments provide space for storing shoes or baskets to put items in.
  • Put in a bench seat and you’ve got a place to put shoes on or take off. Open space below would provide storage.
  • We love to do built-ins – which offers a seat, hooks, and storage for everything.
  • A tall cabinet with a door might make sense for you if you want to keep everything out of sight. The cabinet could have shelving in various heights, which creates a good deal of storage.
  • Create a locker style/kids’ cubby area for each child, giving everyone their own space. Think how much time will be saved in the morning if items don’t have to be searched for all over the house. (We can dream, right?) These can be one open unit (built in or free-standing) with dividers to create sections. Give each section a bench, shoe storage underneath the bench, some hooks, and storage shelves above.
  • Do you have pets? We have put dog showers, grooming stations, built in dog crates, beds, and dog dish containers in our homes, keeping everything in one place for your pet.
  • What about a message station? A dry erase board, chalkboard or electronic message system is perfect for family reminders, school schedules, and keeping everyone up to date.
  • Want to build your own? This could be a fun DIY project, or just give you inspiration. We’ve pinned some ideas on our Mudroom Pinterest page, as well as photos of mudrooms we’ve created for our clients.

Whatever you choose to do, you can make the most your mudroom ideas. We’re here to help you make your home vision come true. With new homes being built in Upper Arlington, as well as many more home sites in other stunning neighborhoods, we will work with you to build your new home.