Tips to Maintaining A Clean Worksite

Building a new home is an exciting process, but it can also be a bit messy. There’s no getting around it. Construction generates a lot of debris, from scrap wood and metal to excess building materials and nails, which creates a safety hazard and an eyesore.

At Compass Homes, we pride ourselves on maintaining an impeccably clean worksite. You can come to check on the status of your custom home-building project at any stage of the construction process and know that the site is unbelievably clean, both for safety and efficiency.

Why do we prioritize cleanliness? We know that creating a worksite benefits our clients and our team, creating improved efficiency and increased likelihood of contact from potential clients who saw our work in progress.

Homeowner Satisfaction

First, let’s consider the effects of and how a messy job site makes clients feel. Imagine walking up to see your brand-new dream home being built, only to be distracted by large amounts of garbage (soda bottles and paper towels) and debris (drywall and lumber scraps) strewn about, haphazardly around the site. The appearance is offsetting, and clients are more likely to find issues when they are already frustrated with the additional mess.

Increased Efficiency

Do you find it easier to work in a clean or cluttered space? So do we. A clean worksite is an efficient job site. Specialty contractors come in & out of the project and do not need to spend their time onsite, removing material irrelevant to their work. Keeping your project site in good order and clear of debris means tasks happen faster and with improved quality. 

Improved Image

The attractiveness of a clean worksite cannot be overstated. Consider this:  A potential new homebuyer drives by a house, under construction, with garbage lying around and lumber scraps strewn about the site, versus a spotless area with everything in its place. Which site is a prospect more likely to take an interest in?  A clean job site represents professionalism. The cleanliness of our job sites reflects our dedication to our clients and our pride in our work.

So, how do we go about achieving a cleaner job site? We follow a few basic guidelines, developed by Vice President of Production Chad Wackler, at every job site to ensure we reflect Compass Homes values.

Remove trash

We provide plenty of trash cans and dumpsters to dispose of waste. We also ensure the cans are emptied regularly, and the dumpsters are properly labeled for recycling and disposal.

Clear away debris daily

Workers sweep up and remove debris from the work area at the end of each day. This helps prevent tripping hazards and keeps the site tidy.

Secure unused materials

Any materials not in use are secured in a safe place. This helps prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard or being damaged.

Keep walkways clear

We make sure all walkways are clear of debris and obstacles to ensure the safety of workers and visitors.

We invite you to drive by any home we are building, at any phase of the construction process. We guarantee you will be impressed by the craftsmanship that goes into each of our brand-new custom homes and the cleanliness of the area.

Our goal is to help you create your forever home, where your family can gather in comfort. Contact us today to get started on designing your home with More Thought per Square Foot.

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