Luxurious Bathrooms: Designing Your Personal Retreat

You walk in the door after a long day at work, perhaps greeting the kids as they stomp around in their superhero capes or kissing your spouse who asks what’s on the menu for dinner. ‘Just one minute…’ you think, ‘just one minute of solitude.’ And you dash upstairs, head to the master bath far, far away from the ruckus and to-do’s that live on the floor below and let out a sigh of relief as you hear the sweet, sweet click of the lock on the bathroom door. When you open your eyes, you are greeted with the sight of YOUR bathroom—the one you customized to be your very own in-home luxurious spa. So, how do you create a space that evokes a resort-like feel right at home?

A spacious and luxurious bathroom.

It’s Spacious

Sharing a bathroom can be difficult for two people who are likely getting ready at the same time. While not all bathrooms are large, they should be designed in a way that makes sense for how it will be used. Be sure to include two vanity sinks, along with plenty of custom cabinets to help you stay organized and out of each other’s way. Wall-mounted shelves free up floor space and maintain an open, airy feel.

A bright and luxurious bathroom.

It’s Bright

The most luxurious bathrooms optimize the natural light available in the room, while adding artificial light, as needed. Properly placed windows will maintain privacy, while giving you that ultimate feeling of serenity. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your artificial lighting choices—unique lighting fixtures can be the perfect embellishment to achieve that wow factor.

*Pro-tip: Clean, reflective tile surfaces will make the entire room brighter.

A stylish and luxurious bathroom.

It’s Stylish

Take your bathroom from blah to beautiful with high-end materials, floor-to-ceiling tile, oversized showers featuring recessed niches for shampoo bottles, free-standing tubs, and chrome faucets & fixtures. Everything from fancy, American Standard self-cleaning Vormax toilets to natural materials & sophisticated accents add to the atmosphere of your bathroom and makes it a retreat in your own home.

It’s High-Tech

Perhaps you don’t automatically equate high-tech gadgets with your bathroom, but you should. Unique features like heated floors, multiple shower heads, built-in TV & audio, toilets with heated seats and even minibars take your bathroom to the next level.

If you can imagine it, Compass Homes can design it. Our team will work with you to create luxurious bathrooms of your own, with the best materials, fixtures, and features on the market. We’re here to make designing and building your dream home—and dream bathroom—thoughtful, simple, painless and most importantly, fun & stress-free. Contact a sales associate today to get started.