Light Fixtures as Jewelry

Something as simple as a pendant light can make a big difference in the look & feel of your home. It can be helpful to think of unique light fixtures as a home décor element. Lighting fixtures really can be the perfect finishing touch, just like jewelry completes an outfit.

Here’s a look at six of the hottest lighting trends:


No longer the “unfinished” style of years past, modern industrial is all about sleeker metals in varied tones and alternative designs. Modern industrial lights work nicely in the kitchen work area, above the dining room table, or as wall lighting.


Modern décor is all about simple, clean lines, and that extends to light fixtures. Expect the minimalist trend to continue with lights in geometric designs and neutral colors. Modern fixtures work especially well as a statement piece hung over a dining table.

Edison bulbs

Vintage Edison-style bulbs are a tremendously popular retro lighting option for homeowners with a nostalgic design sense. New LED Edison-style bulbs offer the warm & homey look while also being eco-friendly. Try a chandelier of Edison bulbs in the kitchen work area.

Clear pendants

Clear pendants are perfect for the kitchen and a great way to combine rustic and industrial design. Round out the pendant’s clean silhouette with trendy Edison bulbs for a sophisticated vibe.

Sculptural lighting

Just like your favorite piece of artwork, a great light fixture says something about your sense of style. Seek out fixtures with experimental materials and textures that will double as a work of art.

Natural materials

For homeowners with a bohemian style, light fixtures made from natural materials like bamboo, wicker and woven grasses provide a light and airy look.

Bedroom chandelier

The bedroom is an oasis, the place you go to relax & recharge. When it comes to lighting, it’s important to think about, not just illumination but a sense of style. Try suspending a larger chandelier over the bed for a stylish addition to your sleeping space.

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