Let’s Talk Bathroom Trends for 2018!

 2018 will soon be upon us and we’re watching all of the trends. One that has us at Compass Homes, your custom home builders in Columbus, Ohio, excited are the trends in bathrooms. While some are continuations of what we’ve been seeing, there are some new, innovative & interesting developments. We love our bathrooms. They’re where we want to relax, a place to get ready, and yes even a spot to escape or chill out. We want a day spa in our home! Which of these trends excite you or have you scratching your head?

Storage Solutions:
The trend continues to be to optimize space. But it’s important to make it well planned, with storage hidden behind mirrors & within walls to create a more open feel but still have tons of storage. We’re seeing freestanding, modern storage units, built-in cabinets, and stunning floating shelves.

Showers and Sinks:
Zero entry showers that are large & open might just be what you want & desire in your bathrooms. Several shower heads & jets, and/or rain heads, continue to trend for 2018. Accent your shower with a large bench, steam systems, built-in storage shelves, glass doors with no metal frames or no doors at all, and you’ll be wanting to stay in the shower for hours. Wall-mounted floating sinks are a modern feature, as are hand carved stone sinks. These are both stunning additions to trendy bathrooms. 

Freestanding but Functional:
The freestanding tub is still the popular choice in a variety of shapes (oval, round, or square). If you have space, installing the tub in the center of the room or away from the wall can be an amazing look. We’re even seeing them in colors, like navy & black. Garden tubs & spa tubs are really not in the picture anymore.

Techy Rooms:
We’re seeing motion detectors to turn on lights, mirrors with touch screens, ways to control lighting, surround sound music, towel warmers, self-cleaning toilets, no touch faucets, and digital showers to keep the shower at the perfect temperature, complete with a cleaning mode. Which of these would you love? A warm towel in the winter sounds heavenly! And a self-cleaning shower?

Countertops are all about quartz for 2018. Quartz is extremely durable, strong, virtually maintenance-free, and comes in incredible finishes. Have you seen Cambria Quartz yet? It’s simply beautiful and one of the most requested countertop materials we install in our custom homes.

Finishes on Fixtures:
Satin & chrome are still the ever popular choice, but brass is showing up in a big way. Rose gold & matte black are other trendy finishes for 2018. How about mounting the fixtures on the wall above the sink or tub to free up counter space and create a more modern look?

White is Out:
Designing your bathroom in all white is a clean, timeless look and what you might think is still trending. But no, specially treated bleached woods and two-tone cabinets all the rage. Color is everywhere, from sinks to cabinets & walls. Blue is in as one of the colors of choice for 2018. Cabinets, walls, décor, and even sinks are all shades of blue. We’re still seeing black as accents or on walls in bathrooms, too. Don’t date your bathroom by keeping it all white.

Don’t Take the Subway:
While we love subway tiles and we see them on HGTV, they’re on the way out. If you love subway tiles, maybe install colored ones. Tiles with vibrant colors, patterns, interesting & unique designs, and texture are the way to go for 2018. Floors tiles that are geometric in shape and all kinds of colors & patterns are stunning. Go bold with floor & shower tiles.

Don’t settle for bar-style vanity lights. How about hanging pendants or chandeliers to dress up the room?

With any design options, do what works for you in your home. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean you’re going to love it. You may love white-on-white or a jetted tub. At Compass Homes, with stunning homes for sale in Upper Arlington, Ohio, we’re here to help you make amazing design choices that you’ll love for a long time.