Kitchen Details Up Close 

When you envision the kitchen you’ve always wanted, you probably don’t think about the individual details, but rather think about it as a whole. It’s not until you really get involved in the design that you likely realize all the little things that really make your kitchen come together in a functional way. So, let’s take an up-close look at the kitchen details that really matter. 


With so many colors, materials, finishes, and styles available, choosing the right countertops for your home may seem daunting. After all, we prep on them, work on them, socialize around them, and of course, have to clean them. When choosing your countertops, you need to consider how they look, as well as, their functionality and, of course, your budget. 


The lighting in your home – and particularly your kitchen – play a big role in both how the room looks and functions. Kitchens need task lighting above but also ambiance, which is what makes a stylish pendant over an island or sink important. Lighting fixtures can be a unique design element in your home (think of them as “jewelry”) and the perfect finishing touch for your decor.


Cabinets are a critical piece of your home design and truly set the stage for the look and use of your kitchen. Cabinets define the style of your kitchen, from the height of the cabinets to the color. The choices you make about your cabinets will help to transform empty space into a welcoming and functional space. 


While you want your home’s flooring to represent your style, let’s not forget that floors must withstand your lifestyle. Your kitchen flooring should be durable, easy to clean, and in visual harmony with the general kitchen and surround spaces.

Sinks and Backsplashes

These may seem like simple choices for your kitchen, but they can add significant functionality and character to your space. Consider the look you are going for, as well as, the ease of cleaning to decide what is best for your kitchen.

Electrical Outlets

While a consideration throughout your whole home, the number and placement of electrical outlets in the kitchen can make or break its functionality. Appliances such as the air fryer, toaster, and coffee machine need many sockets. Small details like including outlets in the cabinets and storage areas can make a big difference to your everyday life.

Smart Systems

Examples of smart home technology.

You can make your kitchen much safer and more efficient with today’s smart home technology. Technological additions using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected systems can be used, as well as, systems such as water-saving sinks, recycling, and garbage separators might be worth exploring.

Designing your dream home can be a difficult process — but it doesn’t have to be. With award-winning designers and endless creativity, the Compass Homes team is here to make sure your brand-new home is exactly what you want. Contact us today to get started building your new home.

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