Keep Your Home Fresh This Year!

You love your home, but do you look around and think that maybe it needs to be freshened up or updated? It might just be doing something small & easy, or you might want to do something more substantial. At Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders, we know that there are distinctive ways you can “freshen up” your home this year!

Clear the Clutter

This is an easy way to make your home look refreshed. You don’t want to have so much stuff layered in your rooms that you can’t see or enjoy them. Go room by room and really look at what’s in there. What can you pitch, put away, donate or keep? Get your family involved and make a game of it. Before you know it, the rooms will look better & everything will have a place!

Love Light

Natural light, especially here in Ohio, is something we crave! Natural light is always a perfect way to brighten a room. We use large windows in our homes to capitalize on the sunshine. Keep your window treatments light & airy, or use shutters & blinds that can be opened easily to allow sun to shine through. If you have rooms that don’t have much natural light, use light fixtures and bulbs that will give you more light.

Focus on Flooring

Carpets can definitely make floors seem warmer, but they can become dated. Is it time to replace them? Hardwood, engineered hardwood, and tile are modern & timeless, and always in style. Add some colorful rugs and you’ve got an updated look. Keep your floors clean & refinished and they will always look fresh.

Spotlight the Smells

Nothing makes your home feel as fresh as good scents do! There are so many ways to accomplish this.

  • Clean the garbage disposal with a bit of lemon soap or baking soda.
  • Place candles lit in all the right spots and some you may not have thought of-a linen closet or inside a cabinet (just don’t light them). Remember to keep lit ones monitored.
  • Don’t want to use candles? Use reed diffusers, or simmer clove, cinnamon, mint, ginger, or any scents you love in water on the stove. Soak cotton balls in essential oils and place in decorative containers in your rooms. Put dryer sheets in dressers & closets.
  • Clip car deodorizers to air vents so that when the heat or air comes on, the scent will drift through the space.

Purposeful Paint

This can be accomplished in a couple ways. Are you looking for a change? Nothing freshens up a room like painting it. It might be time for a different color like Violet Verbena or another fun & exciting color. Or do you like to keep your walls a neutral color, giving you a flexible base to allow the other colors & designs you use in your rooms to shine. Whatever you choose, repainting every few years will keep the room fresh & updated.

Hooked on Hardware

Maybe all you need is to change out the knobs on the drawers & cabinets in your kitchen or baths. There are so many cool options available that can instantly update your space and keep your home fresh.

If you’re in the market for a whole new fresh and updated home, we can help with that! We’ve got amazing lots and homes for sale in Upper Arlington, as well as other areas. Contact us and let’s get your new home underway!