It’s Getting Hot In Here!

How you wish to spend your time in your home will drive your plans on what you include in your home. Are you in need of an open floor plan, room for kids to hang out in, an office, or do you want a way to really relax? A steam room may be just the ticket, and we know just what to do. At Compass Homes, your central Ohio home builders, we design homes with stunning steam rooms or large walk-in steam showers.

Why Steam?

  • Opens pores
  • Cleanses your skin
  • Acts as a natural detox
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves breathing by opening nasal passages
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Encourages relaxation & lessens stress
  • Helps with muscle flexibility & overworked muscles
  • Softens your skin
  • Might help you sleep more deeply
  • Conserves water by using less than a gallon of water for a 20 minute steam shower

How Does a Steam Shower or Steam Room Work?
We use the expertise & products from MrSteam when our clients want to create a steam shower in their master bathrooms or to install a complete steam room.

  • The small steam generator heats the water with the controls usually installed within the enclosure
  • Steam enters the sealed shower enclosure or steam room, through steam heads
  • This can be used in any sized shower or room
  • Steam fills the space
  • Aromatherapy, colored lighting, or music can be added to enhance your experience

When we design & build your home in Jerome Village or on your lot, we listen to you, being sure to make your home everything you desire. If adding a steam room or steam shower is what you want, we’ll make sure it is perfect for you!