Introducing Wayne Aspey

Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders, announced our partnership with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Ohio South/Kentucky Chapter. We are excited to bring you a Parade Home like no other in 2014. As your preferred Columbus home builder, we are always thinking of ways to motivate and inspire people, and our new partnership should do just that!

We are excited to profile our next local designer, Wayne Aspey. We asked Wayne a few questions because we thought you might enjoy getting to know him a little better!

CH: How long have you been in the field of design?

WA: Over 30 years!  My wife and I owned a small accessory shop where everything was hand crafted (“Made By Hand”), and then I got the “bug” and went to design school, interned at Arlington Decorating, and then began Ethan Allen in Worthington in 1987!  Other than a 7 month “stint” at Robb & Stucky Design Studio in Naples, FL (prior to their bankruptcy); I have been with Ethan Allen over 26 years

CH: What was your very first project?

WA: I did Fred Flintstone’s cave (just kidding!); goodness, I can’t remember!  Probably a small living room in West Worthington!

CH:  What inspires you?

WA: Complexity, color, texture, contrast, proportion!  Any object that strikes my fancy at the time: a beautiful area rug, an interesting and complex piece of art, an interesting and beautiful piece of furniture, accessories/florals that make a statement by themselves.  Plus great architecture!

CH:  What do you believe is good design?

WA: I always advocate some “theme” that drives the design concept for a project!   Good design is an expression of your vision and what you love, and should have some elements that have an aesthetic “wow” factor, as well as other elements that “whisper” but reinforce the flavor of the room.  Using the symphony orchestra metaphor, a nice balance of diverse elements all working together to create the “perfect” atmosphere!  Not everyone can be concertmaster, and you need the supporting players to make the “music”.

CH: What is your favorite place to shop or get ideas?

WA:  Why, Ethan Allen, of course!  But when I visit my daughter and granddaughter in California, I love going to all the design boutiques in the Hollywood and Rodeo Drive areas!  They are like nothing here in Ohio!!

CH: Why did you decide to participate in the 2014 Parade of Homes?

WA: We have done Parade Homes two times previously, and frankly, there were so many “design” constraints in place that it was a “chore”!  However, with the group of wonderful ASID designers all working as an ensemble, I thought it would be the perfect way to present well designed rooms for the public to see created by talented and experienced designers for whom design is their life!

Stay tuned to Compass Homes, your home builder Columbus Ohio, to read about more of our amazing 2014 Parade Home designers as we continue to profile them on our blog and Facebook page.