Introducing Sher Sagar

Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders, is excited to bring you a Parade Home like no other in 2016. We’re always thinking of ways to motivate & inspire people, and our partnership with multiple central Ohio designers should do just that!
We are excited to profile local designer, Sher Sagar. We asked Sher a few questions so that you can get to know her design style and know what to look for in this year’s Parade of Homes!

How long have you been in the field of design? I’ve been in design for 20 years! In 1996, I graduated with a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Colorado. Later I pursued advanced studies in Design & Architecture from The American College in London.

What was your very first project? I had the opportunity to study abroad, and landed an internship at Harrods Design department. My first project was a 91-room Palace for the Prince of Thailand. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, from which inspired my book, “Paupers to Palaces, 101 Tips on Interior Design”.

What inspires you? Interior Designer, Danny Russo inspires me! I get totally jazzed around other great designers when tossing ideas around. I also love new hospitality hotel design, like the Don Czar in St. Petersburg, Florida, which has history mixed with modern interiors. I get inspiration from new fabrics & finishes. As a kid, when I found something unique, I’d look at it and think about what I could make with it. I still do this as an adult! When I see a new fabric, I want to turn it into something!

What do you believe is good design? Good design is a curated space that connects with the people living in the home and is tastefully done. This involves space planning, and a common thread that pulls the entire esthetic together.

Where is your favorite place to shop or get ideas? As an artist, I love to look at modern art. A favorite artist is Yuroz, whose work is displayed at Old Hilliard Coin and Fine Art Gallery. The Pazutti collection at the Joseph Hotel in Columbus is a fantastic place to get inspiration from modern art. Ruth Wilson Showroom in Grandview is a continual place to shop, as they have a great eye for unique accessories & home furnishings. Pinterest & are also great places for ideas.

Why did you decide to participate in the 2016 Parade of Homes? I love working with Pamela Cinelli & Chad Wackler at Compass. Pamela is a class act; easy going, and always provides me with a great experience.

What are you most looking forward to designing for this year’s Parade of Homes? The Pub Room! It’s really a unique space, and I think every home needs something unique. This is a place to retreat, relax, and revive with modern cool vibes for entertaining friends. You’ll never have to leave your home!

What are the hot colors/design trends for 2016? Metallics are huge this year and it’s all about mixing metals. Brass, silver, and gold are amazing and it’s fun to play with mixing metals. Geometrics are still a big trend, as they’ve been for the past few years. Wall coverings are back and they’re bigger than ever. It’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper! Modern grass-cloths are trending, as is playing with patterns.

Any other information you want to share with us? Many doors have opened to me over the years. My book, which was released in February 2016, has been a great accomplishment. I was selected as a feature designer for Real Estate Showcase TV, Urban Trendsetter Live, and Channel 10TV News. I love to draw figures and portraits, and even have some on display at 5271 Norwich St, in Old Hilliard, Ohio.

Stay tuned to Compass Homes, your new home builders Powell, to read about more of our amazing 2016 Parade Home designers as we continue to profile them on our blog and Facebook page.