Introducing Michelle Mixter

As many of you already know, Compass Homes announced our partnership with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Ohio South/Kentucky Chapter. As a preferred Columbus home builder, we are always thinking of ways to motivate and inspire people – and our new partnership should do just that!

We are excited to profile our next local designer, Michelle Mixter from Dave Fox. We wanted to sit down and ask a few questions to get to know her a little more!

How long have you been in the field of design?

MM:  I was in school from 2005-2009, and have been designing since 2009.

What was your very first project?

MM: My first project was a 5’x7′ pull and replace bathroom with vinyl flooring and one 30″ vanity cabinet. Even though it was a small scale project there was still opportunity to personalize the space and make it beautiful!

What inspires you?

MM: Inspiration comes in a variety of different forms. I find a great deal of inspiration from unique commercial designs. The fun part is finding ways to incorporate those features into residential spaces.

What do you believe is good design?

MM: I believe that good design is first and foremost functional. If a design is not functional it cannot be beautiful. Once a space meets all the functional needs of the users, then the finishes can add the personal touches that complete the space.

Where is your favorite place to shop or get ideas?

MM: I read a variety of blogs to stumble upon inspiration for projects. is a great website to explore. It is amazing how you can get lost for hours.

Why did you decide to participate in the 2014 Parade of Homes?

MM: Deciding to participate in the 2014 Parade of Homes was an easy decision. It is not every day that you get to collaborate with designers on a project. Also being able to create your own “client” and design with creative freedom really allows us to think outside of the box.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Michelle Mixter. Stay tuned to Compass Homes, your home builder Columbus Ohio, to read about more of our amazing 2014 Parade Home designers as we continue to profile them on our blog and Facebook page.