How to Successfully Build Your Dream Home in an Established Neighborhood!

When you dream of your perfect home, you know exactly what you want it to look like, what features it will have, how your family will make memories, and how exciting it will be to live there. But what about the location? This is probably one of the most important decisions you will make when you build a new home.

If you want to build in a new, developing neighborhood, you’ll be in the same boat as everyone else, and you’ll all be going through similar experiences as you build & move in. But what if you find a perfect homesite in an already well-established neighborhood?

Some of our clients have found the perfect homesite in an area like Upper Arlington, (where we have homesites available), but the existing home isn’t what they want. They may choose to tear down an older home & rebuild, or choose an available, existing homesite. If this appeals to you, there are some aspects that need to be contemplated so that the build will be a success.

Neighbors Matter:
An established neighborhood might not have seen any new builds in a long time, or there may have been remodeling work happening as families’ needs have changed, and their older homes aren’t working for them. Tearing down & rebuilding, or building on an existing empty homesite is a little different, and needs to be handled with care & consideration by you & your builder. Take time to meet the neighbors and inform them of what will be happening. They will have been aware of the home or homesite that is for sale already, but reaching out to them will go a long way. Show them that you are invested in the neighborhood and aren’t looking to be anything other than a great neighbor. Drop off a small gift to the homes on either side & across the street and leave your number to demonstrate your good will. Change is inevitable, the neighbors will have to understand, but it is important to be neighborly.

Architectural Design:
This is really important depending on what neighborhood you choose. Being aware of the surrounding architecture of existing homes will help you have a successful build. We wrote a blog about the accuracy of exterior architecture that is relevant here. You want your home to work for you, but not stand out like a sore thumb. The home certainly doesn’t need to replicate the other homes, but there should be some common themes. It’s necessary to work with your builder to make sure it fits the neighborhood, but is what you’ve envisioned. As your builder, we want to ensure your brand new custom home looks like it’s been around since the neighborhood began. We’ll work with you to design & build your dream home while meeting your needs, being architecturally accurate, and on-point in your neighborhood.

Wanting a new home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose a new neighborhood. Maybe that’s exactly what you want, but if not, search with your builder for a homesite that works for you in an established neighborhood. Capture the best features of the neighborhood in your home while still creating your dream home. As your Columbus custom home builders, we have many homesites available in different communities, and we know we can build a home that you’ll love!