6 Home Office Design Tips You Will Want To Steal

By now, we understand that being productive and staying focused in your home office can be a challenge. Thankfully, with intentional design and an organized, functional layout, you can take back your focus and increase your productivity, even when working from home. By including a blend of your personal favorites with your professional persona in your surroundings, you will find it easier and more enjoyable to concentrate on the task at hand – and feel comfortable doing it.

Make Comfort Front and Center

Spending eight hours a day or more than 40 hours a week in your office, quickly identifies the need for a comfortable chair that supports your body, ergonomically. Test chairs and support pillows and adjust the placement and height of your computer screen to be the most comfortable for you. 


There is something so satisfying and calming about removing the mess. The feeling is seriously cathartic and it also may generate positive health benefits. Take an afternoon and tackle the mess. 

Add (Plant) Life

Adding plants to your home (or onsite) office brings the outdoors in and adds a natural coziness to the environment. Speaking of the environment, adding an air-cleaning plant to your space can freshen up the atmosphere while fighting bacteria and toxins.

Focus On Storage

There is no such thing as too many baskets, bins, or other storage containers. Period. Find a home for everything and have options for future needs. As we say in the decluttering point, decluttering frees the mind. 

Update Your Lighting

Bad lighting, we’ve all been there. It can make you feel sleepy or drained at any point during the day. Sprinkle different types of lamps, standing or tall, and table or floor, around your office to add comfort and even relaxation. An added bonus is your lighting can also tell a bit about your personality on your zoom or virtual meetings. 

Showcase Your Personality

Incorporate things you love around your office and in your virtual meeting background. That includes candles, artwork, photographs, and of course, books. Styling your background and including your personal favorites allows your colleagues and clients to get a window into who you are and what you’re passionate about outside of the work you do. 

Your home office is always a work in progress. Add seasonal elements and update your photos and artwork to keep yourself engaged and comfortable in the space and to continue to talk to your virtual connections through your showcased pieces. 

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