Holiday Storage Tips!

The holidays are such a wonderful time & decorating your home is so much fun. But how can you easily store all of the ornaments, the tree, the lights, and other decorations when the holidays are over? At Compass Homes (Instagram Link) we have some great holiday storage tips for you. Hopefully these tips will make your holiday clean up a little easier!!

A Christmas tree ornament in need of holiday storage.

Ornaments Storage

  • Small ornaments can be placed in egg cartons or tackle boxes.
  • Larger ornaments can be wrapped in paper towels, bubble wrap, or used gift wrap (and you can just save & reuse these different wraps every year) and placed in partitioned wine boxes or old suitcases.
  • Delicate ornaments can be wrapped in tissue and put in re-sealable bags before placing in boxes.
  • Put plastic cups down right side up inside a plastic storage bin & then place the ornaments in each cup. Use cardboard to separate the layers.

Storing Artificial Trees

  • Use old belts to cinch up the artificial tree sections to make it easier to move & store.
  • Put each section of the tree in a concrete form tube. This makes for really easy storage in a small space.
  • Store the parts of the tree in large duffel bags.
  • Consider keeping it set up and put it out in the garage or basement covered with plastic or a tarp.

Lights Storage

  • Cut a slit in the plastic lid of a coffee can and put the receptacle end of the light cord through it down into the can. Wrap the light string around the outside of the can, and then stick the other end down into the lid. Extra bulbs could be stored inside the can.
  • Using a piece of cardboard, wrap the lights around the cardboard and then put the whole thing in a re-sealable plastic bag.
  • Long strands of lights can be wound around a garden hose reel.
  • Cut off the sides of a shoebox lid, wrap the light strand around the lid, and then put the wrapped lid down inside the shoebox. Shoeboxes can then be stacked!
A child decorating a Christmas tree.

Other Holiday Storage Ideas

  • Take photos of your decorating scheme to make it easier to remember how to set up everything for next year.
  • Label each string of lights and all of the garland segments with where it was hung in the house using a marker & tape.
  • Label all of your boxes to make it simpler to find everything and put it all away.
  • Use color-coded containers for each holiday.
  • Keep gift wrap in a large tall laundry basket. A liner with pockets hanging over the side makes a great place to store tape, ribbons, and scissors. Or put the gift wrap in a cheap garment bag and hang it in a closet.

Hopefully these ideas can make storing your holiday decorations easier and simpler. Compass Homes wishes you a fun-filled, organized holiday season.

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