Good Neighbor Day: The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Neighbor

The dynamic among neighbors can go a long way towards creating a friendly community, full of camaraderie & thoughtfulness. By working to be a good neighbor – treating your neighbors how you would like to be treated – everyone can enjoy their home and their community.

So, what exactly makes you a good neighbor? We have a few Do’s and Don’ts of being a good neighbor that will help to turn neighbors into friends.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Neighbor

DO Be Friendly

Seems simple enough, but a wave as you are walking the dog or stopping to chat for a minute on your way out the door makes all the difference in establishing a friendly neighborhood.

DON’T Be Nosy

While friendliness is key, over-friendliness that tends to appear as being nosy is definitely not. Moderation is key and be sure to respect everyone’s privacy.

DO Be a Responsible Pet Owner

We know you love your furry friend, but don’t assume that everyone loves them as much as you do. Definitely pick up after your pet and respect the wishes of a neighbor who does not want to play with your pooch every time they walk by your home.

DO Keep a Neat Yard

While not everyone has a green thumb that results in lavish landscaping, everyone can keep their yard clean & neat. Mow your grass, trim your trees, and weed your flower beds. And, of course, never leave trash or unused items lying around your yard that will detract from the look of your neighborhood.

DON’T Ask for Too Many Favors

While it certainly is neighborly to do favors for one another, don’t be the neighbor who repeatedly asks for help, ingredients for dinner, or last minute babysitting for your kids. There is such a thing as too much when it comes to asking for favors.

DO Practice Parking Etiquette

If you have multiple cars without the garage & driveway space to fit them all, be aware of where you are parking. Of course, in most neighborhoods it’s okay to park on the street, but try not to park directly behind someone’s driveway and don’t block mailboxes or fire hydrants, which will get you into trouble with more than just your neighbor!

DON’T Be Noisy

Of course everyone is going to make noise, whether it’s from mowing the yard or hosting a get together (socially distanced, of course!), but be aware of the noise level and the time of day. Don’t mow your grass at the crack of dawn and bring your guests indoors as it gets late so the festivities don’t interrupt your neighbors’ sleep.

DO Communicate

The best way to be a good neighbor is to keep open the lines of communication if there are issues that do arise. Be honest, respectful, and open to others perspectives – and maybe occasionally bake them a cake!

At Compass Homes, we are proud to build in some of the top neighborhoods and communities in Central Ohio. We practice being a good neighbor by respecting the existing fabric of the communities in which we build and honoring the unique identity of our neighborhoods. Contact us if we can help you find your forever home.