Adapting House Floor Plans for Remote Workspaces

Without a private workspace in your home, it can be difficult to maintain focus, especially when there are multiple people in your home who are working remotely. If working from home is a bigger part of your lifestyle now than it was when you designed your home and you find yourself lacking a true home office, there are ways to adapt your floor plan to make your work-from-home situation work for everyone in your home. 

Create a Designated Space

If you have the ability and room to designate an entire room for your workspace, do so. That could mean a spare bedroom, a bonus room, a particularly spacious walk-in closet, or an area of your basement. But if you don’t have a room for a home office, still create a private space that is meant only for working. While you can use actual room dividers to mark your space, you can also use furniture, plants, and other household decor to denote boundaries. This helps to maintain privacy while you are working and helps to promote work-life balance when you are not. 

Make Your Space Functional

A functional space is a more comfortable space. The effort to create a well-intentioned home office will benefit your health and well-being, as well as your productivity. Be sure to have a proper desk and chair, and space to keep any necessary work materials. Have all necessary office supplies stocked up so that you can spend your time being productive and not searching for a pen. 

Maximize Natural Light

When selecting your designated workspace in your home, pick a spot that has plenty of natural light if at all possible. Natural light sends cues to your body that can help you stay more alert and productive and even give you a psychological boost, improving your mood, according to studies. Plus, you won’t mind spending your time working when you have a view to enjoy. 

Keep Your Space Organized

If you are surrounded by clutter, it will be difficult to stay productive in your home office. Be sure you have a place for everything, and everything has a place. Invest in trays for your desk, filing cabinets, or other storage solutions to ensure that your desk doesn’t become a catch-all for paperwork. 

Add Your Style

Just as your home workspace should be comfortable and well organized, it should also include a little of your personal style. Decorate your desk with family photos, decorative organization and storage solutions, and greenery to freshen the air. And don’t forget to add little pops of color to liven it up, as well.  

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