Fall Fashion in Your Home? Fall Fashions Can Impact Your Home Décor!

Fall is here and with it comes a change in the clothes & jewelry we wear. The runways are busy showing off fall fashions and it got us, your Columbus custom home builders, thinking. How can we bring those fashions into our homes? At Compass Homes, our designers are always searching for ideas to use in our homes. Which of these would you love to try?

Classic Colors:
Ivory, cream, gray, and pink always make the runway, even in the fall. Blush pink coats & fluted dresses are runway favorites, which makes us think of painting a little girl’s room, your front door, or a pale pink in a pocket office.  What about blush pink vintage glassware or painted planters? If pink isn’t your thing, what about gray? This beautiful neutral works in any room, bringing calm & coziness to the space.

Dark Colors:
Not into the classic colors? No worries, dark colors are everywhere. In fact, PPG Paints’ 2018 Color of the Year is Black Flame. So if you love wearing black in fall & winter, add drama to your dining room by painting it black. Or if you have built-ins, paint the backs of them a deep black. Maybe a ceiling, the trim, or cabinets? Don’t want that much color impact? Just swap out blankets & pillows for dark, thick textured fabrics.

Faux fur always makes a comeback in the fall & winter, and this year is no different. Fur jackets & coats are showing up on the runways. How about a fur rug or fur pillows in your great room or bedroom? A soft fur rug in the kids’ playroom or a soft fur throw on the couch will keep your home warm & cozy this winter.

Bright & colorful large-striped plaids will be all the rage this fall, showing up in stylish dresses, skirts, and suits, not just shirts. To bring plaids into your home, think bedspreads, blankets, or throws. Feeling bold? How about your curtains?

Dark Florals:
We’re seeing florals on jackets & dresses everywhere, and they are bold & beautiful (not your grandma’s florals). Nothing like adding a little drama to your wardrobe! Adding dark floral pillows to set off your couches & chairs will add dramatic fall color to your rooms. Maybe swap out your light-colored area rug for a dark floral one. Find a dark floral bedspread to create instant fall color in your bedroom.

Velvet is this fall’s “it” fabric, in everything from boots to dresses. We’re seeing it in bold & pale colors, embroidered, modern & vintage. This soft fabric exudes elegance. Add a velvet throw or pillows to your ensemble on your bed, and you’re ready for colder weather. If you’re feeling really bold, how about velvet drapes in your office or dining room or a new velvet upholstered chair?

These richly woven prints & patterns are turning up on shoes, dresses, bags, and more. Cushions for your chairs, throws, or drapes could bring this fall fashion into your home.

Statement Jewelry:
Precious & mixed metals are adding an architectural touch to earrings & necklaces this fall. What are your bathroom fixtures? Are they ready for an upgrade? What about your drawer pulls? Maybe it’s time to change to copper, gold, or brass furniture or fixtures.

Whatever you think about doing to your home, make it personal for you. Trends will come & go, and some of us love to play around with them, making seasonal changes in our homes. If you’re not into big changes, just finding a new pillow, area rug, or comfy throw can bring some fall fashion into your home. We’ve got incredible homesites in Jerome Village, where we can build your dream home. You just have to add the décor.