Exterior Architectural Accuracy Matters

Have you ever driven or walked by a home, and thought, “Wow, that just doesn’t look right”? The architectural accuracy of the exterior of a home can make or break your decision to buy it or move on. We all want our homes to stand out, yet not look out of place in the neighborhood. Designing the exterior of a home is a balance of many design concepts and understanding them will help you create a sensational home. At Compass Homes, your custom homes builders, Columbus, Ohio, we work hard to create homes that are visually appealing by following these concepts.

Proportions Matter

The exterior needs to be balanced & proportional, by using symmetry that may be obvious to your eye or not. The door may need to be centered, with windows placed to complement the shape of the home. Or the roofline might need to be more pitched, or have varying lines that create visual interest. Always keep the scale, function, and proportion of the home in mind when making architectural decisions.

Materials Make a Difference

The materials you choose for window casings, doors, shutters, steps, walkways, and exterior finishes all play a part in the architectural accuracy of your home. Don’t mix & match too many design elements if you want your home to look authentic. Keep it cohesive. Working with your builder will help you be certain that everything works the way it should.

The Garage Door

The garage is a hugely visible part of the exterior of your home, especially on front loaded garages. Using the wrong style of doors or an inferior door can dramatically affect the look of your home. Do your research and select an option that works with the design of your home. There are some amazing options available!

Don’t Forget Landscaping

A beautiful home can look unfinished if there is no landscaping, or only a minimal amount. Don’t skimp on finishing the visual appeal of your home with lush plants, loads of color, and a well-maintained yard.

Color is Important

The color of your home can be a truly personal choice. Many of us love bright pops of color, and using color on the exterior of your home can create interest. You may be limited depending on where you live and what guidelines you have to follow, but you always have options. Be careful with the color of paint or siding you use. Being known as the “blue house” on the street might not be what you were hoping to achieve. Your color shouldn’t overwhelm the design of your home, or work against it. Use color that highlights the features of your home. Add pops of color on your front door.


Creating an exterior that is beautiful can get lost at night if you don’t use lighting to highlight it. Create a mood using various lighting styles and types. Choose lighting that illuminates the pathway and entryway, making it safe & welcoming. Maybe you have some exterior architectural feature that you want featured at night with lights, like a water feature. Do you want to illuminate the landscaping or trees to create some dramatic appeal? Use a variety of up-lighting & down-lighting so that you don’t light up the entire neighborhood. It needs to be tasteful, and not shining in your neighbor’s home!

A Welcoming Walkway

Nothing says welcome like the right walkway. Most of us enter our home through the garage door, but we don’t want our guests to do the same. Your walkway should make your home the focal point, whether you get to it from the sidewalk, your driveway, or both! Choose a material that works with exterior of your home. What you choose should create interest, and make people want to walk on it. Does it need to be curved, straight, dark, light, made from pavers, slate, bluestone, concrete, or brick? What will create curb appeal?

A Door is More Than a Door

A front door needs to reflect the style of your home, and still have curb appeal. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are all good options, and utilizing glass panels or other design elements can add to the drama of the door. You might select a door that’s larger than a basic door, if it will work with the exterior design of your home. Classic or artistic, choose what will work with your home; yet still allow your family’s personality to shine.

We design homes that are architecturally accurate & appealing in every neighborhood where we build homes. We put a lot of thought & energy into creating the most beautiful home on the street. Come see our homes for sale in Jerome Village, to see what we do.