Experience Compass Homes…Clients Tell All

We love our clients at Compass Homes, Columbus home builders, and want to share their experiences in building a home with you. We work with you, listen to you, and use our expertise to make your dreams a reality.

This month we are going to feature Mike, another one of our favorites and Jill’s husband from our last blog. Read about his views on the building process at Compass Homes and how they may have differed from Jill’s view. He had a great experience and also has some good advice.

What was your experience with Compass Homes?
Our experience was very good and we were 100% satisfied. I was happy with how everything went and how it all turned out. Everybody at Compass Homes was very nice & professional. We worked directly with everyone at Compass and since it is local, I could speak with everyone, including Mark, the president, if I wanted to. We never felt pushed off and having to talk to someone else. We spoke to who we needed or wanted to.

What is the favorite aspect of your new home?
I love the design of the kitchen. The island is beautiful because it’s made from Silestone quartz. The backsplash subway tile is really cool, too. In the master bathroom I love the pattern the tile was laid in.

If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I would have added a “man door” next to the garage that enters right into the mudroom so that we could keep the garage door closed. People enter through our garage since it’s open, and I’d like them to come in a separate entrance instead. Hardly anyone comes to our front door, so that would have been a great thing to add for our needs.

What advice would you offer to someone who is building a home?
I’ve built two homes now, so I would say to build a relationship & communicate with the Construction Manager who is building your home. I had a good relationship with Sean, the Construction Manager for our home. Go in the house & look around so that any problems can be fixed as needed. Compass doesn’t cut corners. They made everything the way it should be. They were very easy to communicate with.

Who else did you reach out to for building a home?
Honestly, no one. We fell in love with the model!

Would you do it again?
Yep, but not in the next 10 years! But I would do it again. It is a long process, but worth it!

Clients like Mike (and his wife, Jill) make our job meaningful because we want the best for our clients.  At Compass Homes, in Jerome Village, we will work hard to make your new house a home.