Experience Compass Homes… Clients Tell All

We love our clients at Compass Homes, your Columbus custom home builders, and want to share their experiences in building a home with you. We work with you, listen to you, and use our expertise to make your dreams a reality.

This month we are featuring Jill, one of our favorites. She had a great experience and shares some thoughtful advice.

Jill’s Experience and Some Thoughtful Advice

What was your overall experience like with Compass Homes?

Our experience was great! We have built homes with other builders before, and our experience with Compass was completely different in a good way. Communication with Compass surpassed any communication we experienced before. With the other builders we would always have to call and check in but with Compass we felt like Sean gave us an update every week. Pamela stayed in contact, too. They were so responsive!

What is the favorite aspect of your home?

The kitchen & master bathroom are my favorites! Stephanie, the Designer in the Design Center that Compass works with, was on the same page with me about everything…down to the knobs on the cabinets. After talking for 10-15 minutes, she really got what I wanted to do in the kitchen. I love the lighting and the floors. The way the tiles were laid in the master bathroom had never been done by Compass before and they are amazing. I love the space in my closet too!

If you could change one thing, what would you change?

Actually, I would change the basement door entrance. We couldn’t fit the couches through the door. Other than that, I would have made the front porch brick or stone, but we had to stop somewhere.

What advice would you offer to someone who is building a home?

I would tell them to think outside of the box. That was what was great about Compass. We didn’t care for some of the lighting we could choose from so I went out on my own some light fixtures from another source. Compass was fine with us doing that. A friend of mine is building with another builder and isn’t allowed to do that. Compass was cool with us being able to customize it to what we liked.

Who else did you reach out to for building a home?

We knew what neighborhood we wanted to be in and that was Jerome Village. We knew who we didn’t want to build with. We saw the Compass model and that was it. We didn’t feel the need to go next door and look at other builders’ models. Stacy, our sales person, was so personable & great. Everyone that works at Compass are real people that seem like family and they don’t sugarcoat anything. I really didn’t feel like I needed to look for another builder.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely we would do it again! Some people say it’s too stressful, but I would do everything the same, besides the basement door.

Clients like Jill & her husband, Mike, make our job more than just a job. We genuinely care about you and your home and work to go beyond your expectations. At Compass Homes, we want your experience to be the best! We will work hard to make your house a home!