Easy Painting Projects for Your Home!

You love your home & the space you have. But as you look around, do your rooms reflect your family & the life that goes on inside your home? Is it missing something? Could it be as easy as doing some painting? At Compass Homes, your custom home builders in Columbus, Ohio, we love paint. It can bring drama to a space, or a sense of calm. Experimenting with color in your home could really change the look & give your home new life.

Painting Projects with Minimal Difficulty


Do you have a piece of furniture you love, like a dresser, desk, chair, table, or bookcase, but it no longer works in your home anymore? Paint it & create an entirely new look. Bright colors would work for furniture in a playroom or basement rec room, pale colors for items in an office or bedroom, or any pop of color painted on furniture could add some whimsy or drama to a room.


Instead of getting rid of a mirror that has the wrong color frame, paint it and make it new again. Use gold or bronze accents in a bathroom, or go for color in a kid’s room or master closet.

Built-in Bookcases

Painting the back wall of your built-in bookcase can add some drama to your room. Choose a color that will complement your room & the accessories in the bookcase. Want to be really daring? Paint it several different colors and it becomes a statement piece.


Is your headboard too dark or light for your taste now or do you want to update one in your kid’s room? Changing the color of the headboard can give your bedroom new life.


Are all of your ceilings white? Why not paint them a bold or soft color? Painting a ceiling isn’t that tricky, and it won’t take up too much time, but the results will wow your guests.

Any Room

Just changing the wall color in a room will make your home look new. Most rooms would only involve a weekend of work. Go for colors that create whatever mood you want; sophisticated, lots of drama, relaxed, or energized! Remember it’s just paint. Make your mudroom a bright, cheery welcoming color, like yellow. Paint your dining space a dramatic black. Soft blues create tranquility in a bedroom, and violet can enhance a living room or bathroom. Not ready to paint an entire room? Paint a single wall of the room a contrasting or complementary color, creating an accent wall.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it should reflect your family’s personality. Hopefully you have the cabinets of your dreams, but if not, would a change of color make everything right?

The Front Door

Nothing says “Welcome Home” like the front of your home and the door is no exception. Using a stylish color will not only complement the exterior of your home, but will make it stand out from the rest of the home.

Painting a wall or a piece of furniture brings with it a sense of satisfaction for bringing an item or space a new life. Before starting a project, get some samples and see what you like the best. When you purchase one of our new homes in Dublin, OH, work with our award-winning designers to create a beautiful color palette for your new home.