A Dreamy Master Bedroom

Life can be chaotic, so it’s important that your master bedroom feels like a sanctuary, where you can leave the pace of the day behind and get a peaceful night’s sleep. It should feel calm, simple, and spacious, with distractions kept to a minimum. While this may sound like a recipe for a boring room, when done well – utilizing light, architecture, flooring, and decor – it’ll have a sense of character without feeling busy. Remember, clutter does not lend itself well to a sense of calm!

The Key Elements of Dreamy Master Bedrooms 

Color palette

While you may want to go bold with your wall colors throughout your house, lighter colors in the bedroom help to create a feeling of calm and light. White walls are timeless and never go out of style in interior design because they provide a perfect canvas without taking away from your other decor. White walls also help to radiate the natural light flowing into the room. Blue, grey, blush or other neutral tones also can help achieve a bright space if you’re not ready to embrace all white. 

A master bedroom with a great color palette.


Gorgeous neutral tones and layers upon layers of soft bedding create a calm and restful master bedroom retreat. Lightening up your bedding – perhaps even going all white – creates a softness in the room that lends to the feeling of being at a spa. Layering pillows creates both a sense of comfort and a beautiful aesthetic for the room.

Carefully chosen bedding.


The key to any bright and airy bedroom is light. Let in as much natural light as you can and avoid heavy blinds or curtains for the windows. As for the light fixtures, ease the transition from your busy day to bedtime with calm lighting. Opt for a small, dim lamp on your nightstand to use as you’re getting ready for bed. Want to really make a statement with your lighting? Add a chandelier for your overhead lighting – with a dimmer of course.

A master bedroom with plenty of natural light.


Your bedroom is meant to be the coziest in your home, so make sure to add elements like a rug with a neutral or colorful print that will match the style of the room. Area rugs add texture, pattern, and coziness to a bare floor in the bedroom. They also define the space and prevent your feet from stepping on a cold bare floor first thing in the morning.

A cozy master bedroom.

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