Do You Need an Interior Designer?

You know the feeling, right? You walk into someone’s home or you see a home on HGTV, and think, “Wow, I wish I could decorate like that”. Many of us think we know how to design the interior spaces of our home, but in reality, know that we aren’t gifted at design! Luckily, there are Interior Designers that truly know what they’re doing and excel at it! The best ones take your ideas, refine them, make them better, or come up with ideas you’ve never considered! At Compass Homes, new home builders Columbus, Ohio, we see time & time again, an amazing home that we build, but our clients need guidance in decorating the interior. Some of our clients are amazing at this, yet many of them look for help. So do you need an Interior Designer? Here are some reasons we give clients who are trying to decide if they should invest in an Interior Designer’s experience.

Mix It Up!
An Interior Designer makes sense of mixing metals, textures, colors, furniture styles, and more. They know what works in each space. They understand proper proportions. What we see in a showroom or online might look amazing, but in reality might make zero sense. An Interior Designer understands proportion, space, and design. A designer can see the space without a preconceived notion as to what it should be, whereas you’ve seen it from the studs & drywall, and may have lost a sense of wonder as to what the space could look like.

Work It!
An exceptional Interior Designer will work to understand the way you live and how you want each space to function for you & your family. The designer will choose pieces that combine form, function, and your family’s personality. Spacing & placement of the items will be seamless and a treat for the senses. The lighting will be properly sized and placed, and all elements will be cohesive. An amazing design will have attention to detail, making everything unique to your home.

Budget & Resources:
You’re going to come into this process with a budget, and believe it or not, an Interior Designer can save you money. Designers have reliable connections to furniture & accessories suppliers & vendors, and quite often can get products at a better price than you could. Having a designer means you won’t make costly mistakes, such as painting the room the wrong color and having to redo it, or choosing furniture that doesn’t fit in the room. A designer will look at the pieces you already have, and figure out which ones can work with your new vision.  They know what questions to ask, where to splurge, where to cut back, and how to work with everyone involved in the building of your home. You don’t have to sweat the details.

It’s one thing to scour the blogs online, the photos on various platforms, and the advice of your friends, but it’s another thing entirely to get the advice of a professional. These people have gone to school and trained in both art & science. Thy have to learn their craft and hone it to a well-learned craft. Designers are used to working with a budget and can help you stay within yours, just by having so much knowledge about their craft. As professionals, they know what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. An Interior Designer will see your home though a critical eye, whereas you see it as an extension of yourself. This allows them to suggest things you might not have thought of or considered.

All About You!
No matter what, your home should reflect how you & your family live, what you cherish & love, and how you live within your home. Your rooms should feel like you designed them, and reflect your lifestyle. An Interior Designer that just fills the space isn’t what you need. You want an Interior Designer that listens to you, gets you, and brings your thoughts and dreams to fruition. This home is you personified and anyone walking in should immediately feel inspired, comfortable, energized, and at home! Does it function the way you thought it would when you bought the home? Is it cohesive? Is it accessible to your family and how you live? Does you home tell your story? If so, your designer got it and you!

At Compass Homes, with custom built homes in Lewis Center, we take pride in building you the home of your dreams, and will work with you every step of the way to provide you with “more thought per square foot”. We’ll be sure to customize it for your needs and help you make any decisions you need help with. Just like an exceptional Interior Designer will work with you, so will we.